Saturday, May 18, 2024

Week 111 Photo Challenge: Wealth

We skipped the challenge last week. It was Mother's Day weekend and I wasn't sure there would be time to get a post together.  Plus none of us really liked what we had for photographs last week, so we extended the deadline by a week so we had a chance to explore other options.  

The week 111 challenge continued the theme of "concepts".  

Concepts are a lot more of a challenge than finding an object to photograph. Consequently, it usually makes for a more interesting set of photos as we each seek to find some object to photograph that captures the concept.  

My photo is probably the most literal interpretation of the challenge. 

Kate: Wealth? 

The adult version of a piggy bank, the change jar.  This jar sits in the laundry room and has collected all the change I find in pockets, or more likely the washer if My Guy forgets to clean out his pants pockets. It's been raided over the years, mostly for quarters for the car wash. We have another change jar in our bedroom and Grad Girl has one in her bedroom. So we do have a wealth of change around here.  

My Guy's photo covers two interpretations. 

My Guy: A Wealth of Wheat


A lot of wheat is grown in Oklahoma, so that covers one definition of wealth, "plentiful supplies of a particular resource" (courtsey Google).  If you've bought bread recently, you know you need to be more wealthy these days to afford it.  

Grad Girl pointed out when I sent her this challenge card that it was rather an ironic one for a grad student. 

Grad Girl: A Wealth of Color

She picked the more positive interpretation of this photo, she does make some really pretty colored compounds.  What I see in this photo is the wealth of glassware that will eventually have to be washed.  (Yes, I'm a the glass is half empty kind of person, though in this case maybe it's better to say the sink is more than half full).  

With this week's challenge card we are back to looking for an object to photograph. 

At what age does something become old?  


Sara said...

All of the photos you showed in yesterday's summary post are beautiful. You nailed it - visually interesting. Each one! Great job! Wealth is a tough concept to capture without it being literal. The change jar is such a common thing in every household I know. When I began clearing out my parents' house for the estate sale I found my dad's change jar in his closet. It was a 5 gallon pail with a lid - bright green from restaurant supply. And it was FULL, so we had to slide it out as it was so heavy.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

That change jar does represent wealth - we have one, too, and it's kind of exciting to see it fill up! Mike and I will try to guess how much is in it before taking it to the bank. Fun to see your guy and girl's ideas for this challenge as well!

Linda said...

Each photo is spot on! Change jars have been part of our life since we got married. ;)
I guess a vehicle can be anything that transports, so those old oil pumpers so common (but not as common as they used to be) in Oklahoma and Texas are old vehicles.

Barbara said...

Fun photos as always. We never know what to do with our spare change, and we don’t like carrying it around. We have a jar like that too. Whenever we travel, I go searching for any quarters that might be there to use in laundromats. Love the wheat fields. We have a lot of wheat growing in Oregon too. And the jars. How old does something have to be before it’s old? Well, I hate to tell you the number of places I’ve visited in the past five years or so that have become “historic” since my first visit. Makes me wonder if I’ve moved into the “historic” category along with them.

Donna said...

Once again, love them all. The different interpretations are so much fun!!

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

Fabulous photos, Kate. It was so much fun to see how y'all interpreted the theme. Oooh this week's theme sounds like an exciting challenge.

Jennifer said...

Three great pictures once again!