Tuesday, June 7, 2022

To Do Tuesday for the Week of 6/7/2022

The schedule has been mostly back to normal the last week. There have been a couple of late nights, not all because of my schedule. Even so, I've had a lot more time in the sewing room the last week than I was getting in April and May. That positively impacts the progress on the To Do List. 

To Do List for 5/31/2022

  • Unity: Press backing fabric, decide how to assemble - progress
  • Macaron Mystery: Start on first border ✔
  • Rhododendron: Make hourglass blocks as leaders and enders ✔
Two check marks and progress on the third, that's a good week. Especially considering that it's been taking me two weeks to make any progress on a to do list.  

This week's to do list will look pretty much the same as last week's. 

To Do List for 6/7/2022

Unity: Finish pressing backing fabric, cut panels, assemble

I have 12 yards of this backing fabric.  That's a lot to press and wrestle with at one time, so I decided to cut then press. It's just a lot easier to handle that way. Yes, I'll end up with more waste. The first panel produced a 5" strip that went into my scrappy strips. I'm OK with that.  The backing is going to be two 110" long, width of fabric strips joined together with a 10" strip in the middle to get the width needed.  Hopefully I'll get all the pressing and cutting done this week.  

Macaron Mystery: Continue adding borders

The first two border strips have been added to the sides. The top was remeasured last night, so I can cut the last two strips for the first border tonight.  

Rhododendron Mystery: Continue making hourglass blocks as leaders and enders.

I've got almost enough hourglass subunits to make the next B block. Progress has been slow, but with leaders and enders at least it's steady. 

That's my list for this week.  Linking up with the Texas Quilt Gal for To Do Tuesday.    

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Stitching Stuff: Week 23 of 2022

Sorry the post is a bit late today.  After feeling pretty crappy most of yesterday, I went to bed early and then slept late.  Hopefully that will stave off whatever illness was trying to take hold.  The never ending project actually ended at noon on Wednesday. The entire team was glad to see the last of it, at least for this year.  So other than working late the night before the final report was due, my evenings were my own for most of the week. That definitely shows up in my stitching time report for this week.  

  • 15 minute days/week = 7/7 days
  • 15 minute days/May = 13/31 days
  • 15 minute days/June = 4/4 days
  • 15 minute days/2022 = 111/155 days
  • Success rate = 71.61%

June has gotten off to much better start than May did on the stitching front. Hopefully I can stay on track for the rest of the year. 

How did you do on getting some stitching done this week?

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Saturday, June 4, 2022

Week 45 Photo Challenge: Bokeh

It seems I'm back to the normal blogging schedule after two months of hit and miss due to the never ending project, which did finally end. Well at least the project part, now we've moved on to the debrief and how to make it go smoother next year part.  Last week's photo challenge post was a catch up, this week we're up to date and mostly on time.  This week's challenge:

Both the Scientist in Training and I had to Google what we were actually challenged with.  Per Wikipedia, bokeh in photography is aesthetic quality of blur produced in out of focus parts of an image.  So probably not a word worth adding to your vocabulary unless you are a photographer.  

It's late spring/early summer in Oklahoma so we have wildflowers blooming. 

Kate: Blanket Flower Bokeh

I've been so busy with work that I didn't get in a lot of wildflower photography this year. I may have to buy some flowers to get in my usual flower photos this year.  

My Guy stuck with the same theme this week.  

My Guy: Bouquet Bokeh

The white flowers are foxglove beardtongue, the orange flowers in the background are butterfly weed.  

The SIT didn't participate this week, she had a girls weekend over the Memorial Day holiday with friends from college only to find out one of the girls tested positive for COVID when she got home.  Both the SIT and her roommate have been sick since Tuesday and tested positive on Thursday.  Thankfully neither has been that sick, just really uncomfortable.  

The challenge for week 46 should be a relatively easy one. 

Hmm, lots of options for this one.  I hope you'll stop by next week to see what we come up with. 

Friday, June 3, 2022

June One Monthly Goal

Success with my One Monthly Goal hasn't been the best the last couple of months.  I didn't finish my April OMG and didn't have time to post one for May.  I'm hoping to get back on track with the June One Monthly Goal. 

The goal for this month is to get Unity sent out for quilting. 

Unity: The 2020 Bonnie Hunter Quilt in Place Quilt Along

The borders were finished in early May, but I've not had big blocks of time to press out the backing.

Then decide how to piece the back plus prep the backing and quilt top for quilting.  The yellow polka dot used for the background fabric frays really easily, so cleaning up the loose threads on the back of the quilt top will take some work.  

Linking up with Elm Street Quilts for the June One Monthly Goal

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

PHD in 2022: April and May Progress

My work/life balance has been anything but balanced the last couple of months. Hopefully balance will be restored after yesterday.  I turned in the last review summary for the never ending project yesterday at 7 PM.  So hopefully that means I'll have more time for stitching in June.  I've been playing along with Quilting Gail's PHD program for 2022, but didn't have an opportunity to post in April. Here's where my projects stand as of the end of May. 

There was one finish and no starts during the last two months.  Not a bad showing considering just how little stitching I've done since March.  My goal for the year is just to make progress, I can look back and see that there was some for all my active projects. 

Unity (Bonnie Hunter 2020 Quilt Along) is now a finished quilt top

Unity was close to a finished quilt top at the end of March. It didn't take long to finish up adding the borders.  With all the pieces in this quilt, I had a couple of places that didn't lay flat, those have been fixed.  I'm hoping to get this project out for quilting by the end of June.  

Macaron Mystery (Meadow Mist Designs 2021 Mystery Quilt) is assembled.  

Most of the progress on Macaron has happened over the last couple of weeks.  Next step is to add the borders, which always takes longer than I think it should.  

There has also been a bit of progress on The Rhododendron Mystery (Bonnie Hunter 2021 mystery quilt along). 

The hour glass blocks for Rhododendron block B has been my leaders and enders project for the last couple of months. I've been assembling the A blocks as I work on Macaron.  Just 4 more A blocks and 4 more B blocks to finish.  The A blocks will go fast, the B blocks are a lot slower to make.  

Potions (Flying Parrot Quilts) was my second finish for 2022

It was sent out for quilting in March and was back here in April.  But my work project kept me from doing much towards getting it finished.  I pushed hard the Friday before the SIT's graduation to get it finished. The quilt has been gifted to her undergraduate research advisor and he really liked it.  I'm so thankful I was able to stay on track with the piecing part of it. Had I been behind, I'm not sure it would have gotten finished on time. 

That's the progress for April and May. Not as much as I would like, but there was progress in spite of the nutty work schedule.  No point in lamenting the loss of stitching time, things will get done when they get done.  

Linking up with Quilting Gail for the May PHD Progress Report.