Monday, January 30, 2017

Weekend Stitching: Finishing the January One Monthly Goal

It was a pretty good weekend.  Though My Guy felt pretty crappy all weekend.  Unfortunately, it's my turn to feel crappy. I went to bed early last night feeling out of sorts and woke up this morning with the sore throat and massive headache he had most of the weekend. So this will be a really short post as the cold medicine is already making me sleepy.  

Most of the weekend was spent getting Bejeweled ready for quilting.  The back was pieced on Friday, then pressed, prepped and packaged on Saturday.  Sunday it was the same process for the top. Everything is in the box and ready to ship.  

My January One Monthly Goal was to get Bejeweled shipped out for quilting.  Hopefully I'll be well enough to get this to the post office tomorrow, but for now I'm calling it good.  Getting quilts prepped for quilting is the longest process and one I don't enjoy.  So having the backing and top in the box ready to go is definite progress.  

Other than piecing the back for Bejeweled, not much happened at the sewing machine this weekend.  Geometry is my current focus project, but I did stick my finished block 1 and all the block 3's for the Meadow Mist Mystery up on the design wall to see how those were working.

  Meadow Mist Designs Mystery
By Cheryl Brickey of the Meadow Mist Designs Blog
I used two different black prints for my darks.  I've been seeing guesses of the layouts on Facebook, mine's probably not going to be as dramatic as others since you really can't tell the difference in the two black prints unless you get up close.  I'm still working on finishing the last set of blocks from December.  I still have the January clue to finish.  The big reveal comes this Thursday.  Thankfully I'll have till April to get the blocks into a finished flimsy. 

Now I'm going to find a box of Kleenex and go back to bed.  Hopefully I'll feel like catching up on all the other links later today. 

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Stash Report - Week 4 of 2017

It's been a busy weekend around here.  Friday was a day off, unfortunately My Guy wasn't feeling too great.  I spent most of the afternoon in the sewing room.  Friday night was the kick off of the "great birthday weekend".  Drama Teen and her three best friends have birthdays within a month of each other.  One is right before Christmas and the last two were this week.  The last 4 years, they've gotten together one weekend in January to exchange gifts and then do something fun.  The sleep over was Friday night.  Then yesterday was the trek to Tulsa to do an escape room mystery, followed by lunch.  They must have had a great time, all 4 slept the whole way home!  

While the girls were unraveling their mystery, I wandered down the road a bit to the quilt shop.  I don't go very often these days due to the fabric diet.  But I'm in need of some fabrics for the last graduation quilt.  I've got lots and lots of blue in the stash, but have almost no red.  The last quilt is for DT's journalism teacher.  DT has had some wonderful high school teachers, but Ms. T is the only one she's had all 4 years.  DT requested a First Amendment quilt that could be hung in the journalism room.  Here's the mock up from EQ. 

The First Amendment Quilt by Kate

I'm going to print the first amendment on fabric and then use a newsprint for the background fabric.  I have the background, but needed a red for the stars and borders.  Here's what came home yesterday.

The two reds for the amendment quilt.  The white with the flowers and bees is perfect for a quilt that's in the planning stages.  The skulls was just for fun.  I have a niece that would love something made from that fabric.  Here's the damage for the week.

Used year to date:  9.98 yards
Added year to date:  54.3 yards
Net stashed:  54.30 yards

I'm going to need to get busy on finishing up some quilts if I want to get back in the black.  Most of what went out this week is from the backing for Bejeweled.  I need to prep the top today.  Once that's done, the project will be ready to ship out for quilting.  That's my OMG for January.  Hopefully that will get done today.  

On the stitching front, I've managed to sew for at least 15 minutes every day of 2017.  So I'm on par with where I was last year at this time. It was February that I started slipping up on sewing time.  Hopefully I can avoid that this year.  

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Rainbow Scrap Challenge: Pretty Pitiful Progress with Purple

We enjoyed day one of our three day weekend on Friday. Or at least I did.  My Guy finally succumbed to the respiratory virus that both DT and I have had.  He was pretty miserable.  He slept and I played in the sewing room.  Most of my effort was focused on getting the backing cut and pieced for Bejeweled.  But I did sneak in enough other stitching to finish off one more small fan block.

It's hard to see the scale in this picture, but the small fans are only 3.5".  For some reason I've been having problems getting the pieces lined up properly on these blocks.  I always seem to attach the next "ray" in the wrong orientation and have to un-sew a bit.  If that hadn't happened, there be a large block to show this week.  

The other purple scrappy project that's been taking priority in the sewing room is Geometry.  Geometry uses up left over yardage from several other projects, so that makes it a scrappy quilt too, at least in my book. 

The purple is left over from the Zombie in Paris Quilt.  The red was also used in Allietare and the orange in Cowboy Orange.  So though the black math fabric was  purchased specifically for this quilt, the rest of the fabrics came from the stash. I still have the blue, green and yellow blocks to cut and stitch.  But this project has been a really quick one.  That's good because there is still one more graduation quilt to go and it's not started yet.  

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekend Stitching: Angles and Formulas

Sunday went fast.  The whole weekend went fast.  I'm not ready to head back to work.  At least it will be a short week.  The plan is to take our 19/30 day on Friday, so that's something to look forward too.  

I did spend the day in the sewing room, but I did more cleaning and organizing than I did sewing.  I'm a bit sore from all the lifting and crawling on the floor.  I finally realized that the reason my cutting table had a big drop off from one side to the other was because the hinges were loose.  A few minutes with a screw driver and that was fixed.  One of my storage solutions for my fat quarter sets wasn't working, so I finally bit the bullet and did some reorganization of the fat quarter storage.  I didn't get that all done but I did make some progress.  

In the end, I didn't get to the backing for Bejeweled.  By the time I got the sewing room sorta put back together, it was almost time for dinner.  I'll have to fit in the pressing the backing fabric and piecing the back in the evenings this week.  I did end up with about an hour of sewing time, so I worked on getting the blocks made for the third graduation quilt. 

Geometry is going together pretty fast.  All the orange and red blocks are done.  I made a start on the purple HSTs last night.  My Guy really likes this one.  Drama Teen does too.  The black focus fabric has mathematical expressions all over it.  DT was saying it was weird to realize that she knew what most of them were and what they were used for.  I'm assembling this one as four patches rather than in rows.  That just seemed to work better in terms of keeping the blocks in the right positions.  A couple of the orange pairs have been sewn together.  Hopefully working it that way means that by the time the blocks are all done, most of the assemble will be done too.  

It was nice to have a clean sewing room and make a little progress on one of the graduation quilts, even if it wasn't Bejeweled.  I still have time this month to get that one out the door for quilting, which is my OMG.  

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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Stash Management - Week 3 of 2017

We woke up to the sound of rain this morning.  It's been coming down pretty steadily since early morning.  It's supposed to be a pretty dreary day.  Definitely a good day for hanging out in the sewing room, which I just decided I'm going to do.  A sewing retreat day wasn't on the schedule, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow and I'm just not channeling laundry and housework this morning. 

I could use a whole day in the sewing room.  The "no new fabric kick" bit the dust in a really big way this week.  After surveying the bits and pieces left over after making Bejeweled, it was going to take a lot of piecing to come up with a back.  It just wasn't working out well. Connecting Threads still has most of the fabric and it's on clearance.  So Drama Teen picked one of the fabrics and I ordered that for the backing.  Actually since I really liked several of the fabrics and they were on sale, I ended up ordering several large cuts to use for backings.  

Connecting Threads ships their fabrics folded with the back on the outside.  I forgot to get a picture of them right side out, I was in a hurry to get the lighter blue ones into the wash.  Here's the damage to the stash report:

Used year to date:  3.72 yards
Added year to date:  38 yards
Net stashed:  34.28 yards

I'll start working back towards being in the black when I get the backing done for Bejeweled.  Which will hopefully happen today. The blocks for Geometry will help a lot too. Those go fast and the ones made this week represent most of what went out this week.  

In spite of my shoulder problems this week, I did manage 15 minutes in the sewing room each day this week.  So far I've maintained my A by sewing all 21 days of the year so far.   I'll have to break up my sewing room time today with other activities so I don't re-aggravate that nerve in my shoulder. I've got some sewing room clean up that needs to be done too, so that should be manageable.  

The shopping expedition yesterday was successful, I came home with 3 new pairs of pants, 3 sizes smaller than where I started back in June.  To say that was a nice feeling would be a huge understatement.  Thanks to everyone for the very nice comments yesterday, I really appreciate the support.  

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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Rainbow Scrap Challenge: More Purple Stuff

It's been a long week.  I was home sick one day, Drama Teen another.  My Guy seems to be the only one immune from whatever respiratory virus that's been going around.  Thankfully it wasn't the flu.  My shoulder is slowly improving, but I'm still limiting computer and sewing room time.  I'm way behind on blog reading and email responses.  

I've had to limit my sewing room time to just 15 minutes a night this week. But it's amazing what you can get done in that time frame.  The second large fan block and the first small fan block are finished. 

The big block is 7.5" square, the little one is 3.5" square.  The mini fans are a bit of a challenge, the pieces are so much smaller.  It's a good thing I've got the graduation quilts to keep me busy,  I'm really wanting to see this quilt come together so it's tempting to "work ahead" on the blocks. 

Today is shopping day.  I've lost 35 lbs since last June and it's finally to the point that the slacks I kept in the back of the closet in hopes of fitting in them again are so big that it's hard to keep them up even with a belt and a few strategically placed safety pins.  It's not been an easy process, but it's definitely been a worth while one. It's been a long while since I've actually looked forward to doing some clothes shopping. 

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Weekend Stitching: Bordering Bejeweled

We are very thankful that the weekend ice storm wasn't near as bad as they predicted it would be.  The roads never got real bad, they were slick in places, but not glazed over.  There were a few power outages, but none affected us.  Still it was cold and miserable outside, so it was a pretty good weekend to stay home and sew.  

My January One Monthly Goal is to get Bejeweled sent out for quilting.  I'm halfway there.  The last of the borders went on just before dinner last night. 

 BejeweledFrom the book "All About Strips" by Susan Guzman

It's definitely outgrown the design wall, I'll try to get better pictures of the finished top next weekend.  Hopefully there will be some sunshine around then.  Drama Teen loves it. She's pretty sure her friend is going to love it too.  Now to figure out how to use the left overs to piece a back.  That's the agenda for this week.  

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Stash Report - Week 2 of 2017

We got very lucky this weekend.  The projection was for a major ice storm, we didn't get it all that badly.  This was the worst of it. 

This was Saturday morning and it was already starting to melt off.  It's supposed to rain all day today, but the temperatures are supposed to be in the 40's.  

On the sewing front, it wasn't a bad week.  I managed at least 15 minutes every day, so I've kept my A in finding time to sew.  On the stash front, I had a close call with Connecting Threads.  They put out a new catalog and oh it was tempting.  But the catalog is safely stashed away, out of sight out of mind.  So there's a bit out this week with nothing coming in.  

Used year to date:  1.62 yards
Added year to date:  0 yards
Stash reduction 1.62 yards 

The final borders are going on Bejeweled, so that will show up in next week's report.  I'm hopeful of getting the back pieced too, that should make for a nice dent in the stash next week.  

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Enough Dithering

I've seen the posts referring to a quarterly finish along for at least a couple of years.  With my ever changing schedule, I'm just happy if I make progress on a project, I don't worry as much about finishes.  However, this year, there are 4 quilts that need to be finished by May.  They were commissioned by Drama Teen and it's very important to her that I finish them on time.  So I'm pulling all the stops out this year to find ways to stay on track and finish the remaining 3 quilts.  I've been dithering about committing to a finishing challenge.  Which is really a bit silly considering, I've committed to Drama Teen that all 4 will be done by graduation.  So why not use very bit of leverage and hopefully engage a whole group of cheerleaders by joining in the 2017 Finish Along.  

I'm not going to get all 3 finished during the first quarter of the challenge, but I'm pretty sure if I stick with it I can finish two.  The farthest along by far is Bejeweled.  

 BejeweledFrom the book "All About Strips" by Susan Guzman

The final border needs to be sewn on and this project will be a finished flimsy.  It will still need the backing made and to be prepped for quilting so it can be sent out for quilting.  This one will definitely be a finish by the end of March.  

I've got a start on the third graduation quilt, Geometry. 

Geometry, self designed

But I need the design wall free so I can make sure my focus fabric ends up facing the the right direction on all the finished blocks.  This quilt will be all large HSTs, so assembly should go pretty fast once I get the blocks made.  This one should also be doable by the end of March.  

I've not even started on the 4th graduation quilt yet.  The design is done, but the fabric hasn't been pulled.  I'll save that project for the second quarter of the challenge.  There is one quilt that just needs to be bound, Poinsettias.  

By Judy Blok for the December 2013 issue
of American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine

The quilt still needs to be trimmed and the binding made.  But I think this one can be worked in sometime between now and the end of March.  That would give me three finishes for the 1st quarter.  Which is much better than I typically do this early in the year.  

I'm linking up for the 2017 Quilt Along  via Abigail's Cut & Alter blog.  Wish me luck, I'm going to need it!  

Rainbow Scrap Challenge - A Finished Fan

It's cold and raining, which means we've got ice all over everything.  The ground was warm before it all started, so the roads never got really bad yesterday.   Drama Teen was grateful there was no school.  We still had to work, but they did let us leave a bit early so we could all get home before the sun went down and it got really cold.  It was really fun getting all the ice off the car so we could drive home.

I'm a bit behind on emails, blog reading and stitching.  So my apologies for just getting to last week's blog posts and email responses last night.   My shoulder problems reappeared this week.  Probably too much computer stuff between work and home.  The only fix is to take the anti-inflammatory medicine and let the shoulder rest.  So, I've limited my home computer time and my sewing room time.  Still, I did manage to finish the first fan block for this year's Rainbow Scrap Challenge project. 

I love how the black really makes those colors pop.  This is a 7.5" block, one of the 3.5" blocks is in progress.  I've got a start on cutting the scraps for the next large block, but there's not much to show at this point.  

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Weekend Stitching: Things Were Slow

It wasn't the most productive weekend on the stitching front.  The cold seems to have sapped my get up and go.  My normal Saturday stitching time was spend napping to get rid of a headache. Sunday it was time to deal with getting the tree down.  I had promised this year I would deal with the disaster of the ornament boxes as part of our closet clean up.  That took most of Sunday afternoon. 

This is just one end of the dinning room table the other side was full as well. 

I did get some evening time in the sewing room both days of the weekend, but not much got done.  The only progress on En Provence was to get enough quarter square triangles done to frame the one block that's now partially assembled.  

 En Provence, A Bonnie Hunter Mystery (2016)

I'm happy with the color choices after dropping the gold from the star corner blocks and using the background fabric instead.  I'll continue to work on En Provence, but it will be secondary to the graduation quilts.  Those need to come first.  

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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Stash Report: First Week of 2017

The end of our holiday season is today. It's Drama Teen's birthday. No parties today, that was yesterday.  She made it easy on me.  She decided on lunch with her friends and then a movie.  This is one of those significant birthdays, she turns 18 today.  You think they'll never grow up and then one day they just are.  

Happy birthday Kiddo.  We're really proud of her.  It's nice when you realize you'd like your kid even if they weren't your kid. 

Thanks for letting me get the proud mamma stuff off my chest.  Moving on to the quilt related content.  It's the first stash report of the 2017. I didn't start the year off with great guns, but at least there is nothing in so far.  

Net used year to date:  0.75 yards
Net added year to date:  0 yards

It's been a good week for finding the time to stitch.  I managed at least 15 minutes in the sewing room every day this week.  So I'm at least starting the year off with 100% attendance.  We'll see how long that lasts.  I managed to find time every day in January last year.  

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Rainbow Scrap Challenge - A New Year, New Blocks

It's the first Saturday in 2017, so it's the first Rainbow Scrap Challenge Link Up over at Soscrappy.  Angela's already posted the new button for the year.  

It's always a dilemma which block to pick for the challenge.  I've done some fun ones.  The first was coffee mugs, back in 2012.  Still not a finished quilt.  

Scrappy Coffee Cups:  Block patterns from Karen F. Srebro and Janet McCarroll
publised in Block Magic and Block Magic Too by Nancy Johnson-Srebro

The next year it was the Butterfly blocks.  Those aren't a finished quilt either.  

Scrappy Butterflies: Block is available in EQ 7 Block Library

For 2014 it was the Inverted Star blocks.  Those are still in their box waiting to be set together.

 Inverted Star by Jessica Boschem of Common Threads
available from Craftsy as a free download

Two RSC projects were started in 2015.  The first was the Twinkle Star blocks.  Not finished either. 

 Twinkle Stars Tutorial by Andrea Feldbush of Soscrappy

The second RSC quilt of 2015 was Angela's sampler quilt.  Flame Test did get finished. 

Flame Test (2014 Rainbow Scrap Challenge Sampler)
Pattern by Angela Feldbush of Soscrappy

And was promptly confiscated by Drama Teen. She uses it regularly as a cuddle quilt in her room.  It's going to college with her.  

Last year was probably the most challenging block I've ever tried, the Vintage Dresses.  Which as I just finished the last block, isn't a finished quilt either.  

 Vintage Dresses by Charise Randell

There's a definite trend with my RSC blocks, they don't seem to be ending up in finished quilts.  One reason is that I've had a hard time deciding on a setting once the blocks are done.  There is a plan for Vintage Dresses, so I'm hopeful that quilt will get put together this year.  

Considering my poor track record with finishing my RSC projects, I decided to try something new for 2017.  I used Electric Quilt to draft the finished quilt so I can assemble the quilt as the blocks are finished.  I'm not going to show the mock up of the quilt, but here are this year's blocks.  

The paper pieced Fan blocks are going to use the cool colors, purple, green, teal and blue.  I didn't get my background fabric washed and pressed until yesterday so I didn't get very far with my first block, but it is started. 

There will be four 7.5" fan blocks and four 3.5"  fan blocks for each cool color.  

The warm colors of red, orange, yellow and maybe red-violet are going into modified Log Cabin blocks.

There will be four or five 7.5" blocks in each of the warm colors.  

So this year there is a plan for the blocks. I'm hopeful that means I'll have at least a finished flimsy at the end of this year's challenge. I'm heading off for a second cup of coffee, them I'm going to check all the links over at Soscrappy to see past and future rainbow scrappy goodness.  

Also linking up with Oh Scrap on Sunday.  

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

January One Monthly Goal - The March to Graduation Finishes

It wasn't hard to decide what project to do for January's One Monthly Goal. 

Elm Street Quilts

The question was how much to try to get done?  I do not like to over commit on my projects, but considering that May is only 5 months away now and I have three quilts to finish by the middle of that month, pushing now is necessary in order to be ready for graduation.  So the plan is to get Bejeweled from where it is now,

to being shipped out the door for quilting.  There's only two columns of blocks left to be sewn together before the center of the quilt is assembled.  That leaves the top and bottom inner border and a final border to be cut and sewn on.  The backing will be scrappy left overs of the fabrics used in the blocks.  That will have to be assembled as well.  But I think it's all doable, January is a long month and other than DT's birthday, there's nothing likely to pull me out of the sewing room for a weekend.  

Bejeweled is number 1 on the quilt plan for this year, but I'm substituting it for my number 3 quilt for the purposes of Patchwork Times UFO-2017 Challenge.  I need to start and finish quilt #3, which is the First Amendment Quilt by May too, but it's just seems smarter to finish Bejeweled first as it's the closest to being done.  

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Monday, January 2, 2017

Vacation Stitching: The Big Reveal

Today is the last day of our Christmas vacation.  Since New Year's came on a Sunday, the company holiday is today.  So we are off one more day. My Guy was playing with the idea of making beer today or just doing nothing but hanging out.  I'm going to do just a bit of laundry and then spend what time I can in the sewing room.  Drama Teen goes back to school today, she's not amused.  

Yesterday was the big reveal for Bonnie Hunter's 2017 mystery quilt.  I was way behind on making my blocks, but I managed to get enough together to lay out one block and a bit of the sashing. 

 En Provence, A Bonnie Hunter Mystery (2016)

I tried the gold fabric that was supposed to be my yellow and I just didn't like it.  After playing around in EQ with other options, the neutral just worked the best to my mind.  Thankfully I have enough of it to let me use it as a substitute.  Here's how the mock up looked. 

 En Provence, A Bonnie Hunter Mystery (2016)

I like this version best.  I did play with adding the border blocks but EQ wasn't real cooperative there.  That's OK, I like this well enough to proceed with my modifications.  I'm hoping there is enough of the dark blue to make 12 blocks. We'll see, I may end up with just 9.  If that's the case, I'll add some additional borders to up the size just a bit.  

Thank you Bonnie for a very fun mystery.  Hopefully I can finish this one before the 2017 mystery starts next November.  Now I want a second cup of coffee before I go look at what everyone was up to over the weekend.  

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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Stash Report and 2016 Wrap Up

Happy New Year!  Wishing every one the best for the new year that is 2017.  The older I get the faster each year goes.  This year will see one of those major life changes for us, we'll send our only kiddo off to college and be empty nesters by next fall.  We had a taste of that this last week as Drama Teen was in Florida visiting friends.  She got back yesterday to help us celebrate the new year.  Thankfully My Guy and I had a nice week together, so I think we'll make the transition gracefully once it comes time to let our little bird leave the nest.

Judy, who blogs at Patchwork Times, is going to continue the stash report for 2017.  I've been contemplating dropping this weekly post, but finally decided to keep it for now.  Having to post my numbers on the blog does add some accountability for meeting my stash management goals.  Judy is resetting her numbers to zero this week, but I'm going to take the opportunity to review how things went in the sewing room this year.   I track a number of quilting related metrics in spreadsheet (yes I am that geeky, I love spreadsheets).  

Stash Management - The 2016 goal was to use more than I buy.  

Used in 2016:  60.37 yards
Purchased in 2016:  80.27 yards
Added in 2016:  19.90 yards

I didn't meet this goal, but 20 yards to the good isn't so bad.  Most of the incoming fabric was from winning a few give aways this year.  Without that fabric, I'd have been close to break even.  Still I used over 60 yards this year, that's my second best year ever for fabric out.  If you look at my numbers from a few years ago you'll see a marked improvement in stash in versus stash out. 

You should note, that I love the graphing function in Excel too. 

15 Minutes to Stitch - Getting into the sewing room some days is a challenge, quite literally.  So I've tried hard the last several years to find just 15 minutes each day to stitch.  If I can make it to the sewing room it usually ends up being much longer, but I've got to get there first. 

Days with 15 minutes of stitching:  284 out of 366

If I was grading myself on this effort, it'd be a C (77.6%).  But this is the best year ever of finding the time to stitch, so I'm happy with the effort.  

 Follow my 2016 Quilt Plan - Drama Teen asked for 4 graduation quilts for friends and mentors.  After my disastrous attempt at completing the teacher quilts when DT was in 8th grade, I knew that I'd need to get started early.  So I drafted a quilt plan that included both finishes and my planned quilt starts so I had a reminder of what was on my plate.  I was going to complete 8 quilts and start 7.   I didn't do so hot on the finishes, there were just 4 for 2016.  

Vintage Tea Time, Midnight Tulips, Allietare, and Zombies in Paris
On the other hand I managed to start 6 of the 7 quilts on my plan, plus just one other unplanned quilt for a total of 7 new projects.  One of which, Zombies in Paris, is already finished.  
Blooms and Butterflies, Bejeweled, En Provence, Geometry,
Meadow Mist Mystery, and Vintage Dresses

So I ended 2016 with 17 quilts on the UFO list, which is unchanged from where it was at the end of 2015.  

I actually finished 2 UFOs, but two other WIPs became UFOs because they were more than a year old and unfinished.

As usual, the year was a mix of successful and not so successful efforts.  Please note that I find this type of tracking fun and motivating, but I'm not a slave to it.  Quilting is my hobby and a great stress reliever for me.  My spreadsheet is part of the fun for me (as I said before, yes I'm that geeky).  

Wishing you a very happy and succesful 2017.  

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