Saturday, January 14, 2017

Enough Dithering

I've seen the posts referring to a quarterly finish along for at least a couple of years.  With my ever changing schedule, I'm just happy if I make progress on a project, I don't worry as much about finishes.  However, this year, there are 4 quilts that need to be finished by May.  They were commissioned by Drama Teen and it's very important to her that I finish them on time.  So I'm pulling all the stops out this year to find ways to stay on track and finish the remaining 3 quilts.  I've been dithering about committing to a finishing challenge.  Which is really a bit silly considering, I've committed to Drama Teen that all 4 will be done by graduation.  So why not use very bit of leverage and hopefully engage a whole group of cheerleaders by joining in the 2017 Finish Along.  

I'm not going to get all 3 finished during the first quarter of the challenge, but I'm pretty sure if I stick with it I can finish two.  The farthest along by far is Bejeweled.  

 BejeweledFrom the book "All About Strips" by Susan Guzman

The final border needs to be sewn on and this project will be a finished flimsy.  It will still need the backing made and to be prepped for quilting so it can be sent out for quilting.  This one will definitely be a finish by the end of March.  

I've got a start on the third graduation quilt, Geometry. 

Geometry, self designed

But I need the design wall free so I can make sure my focus fabric ends up facing the the right direction on all the finished blocks.  This quilt will be all large HSTs, so assembly should go pretty fast once I get the blocks made.  This one should also be doable by the end of March.  

I've not even started on the 4th graduation quilt yet.  The design is done, but the fabric hasn't been pulled.  I'll save that project for the second quarter of the challenge.  There is one quilt that just needs to be bound, Poinsettias.  

By Judy Blok for the December 2013 issue
of American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine

The quilt still needs to be trimmed and the binding made.  But I think this one can be worked in sometime between now and the end of March.  That would give me three finishes for the 1st quarter.  Which is much better than I typically do this early in the year.  

I'm linking up for the 2017 Quilt Along  via Abigail's Cut & Alter blog.  Wish me luck, I'm going to need it!  


Katie Z. said...

You can do it! Maybe DT can learn to stitch down binding to help you along.

Libby in TN said...

Sounds like a very manageable plan. Love Geometry. Glad you thought about the directional fabric before you got too far into it.

The Colorful Fabriholic said...

Sounds like you have a plan and you're well on your way to accomplishing it. Can't wait to see Geometry progress.

Teresa in Music City said...

Oh yes! You can do it! Looks like you have a great plan in place, and that will get you to the finish line :*)

Barbara said...

All of your quilts are lovely. I'm curious to see how the geometry quilt is going to look. Bejeweled reminds me of one of those doorways with the strings of beads hanging down. Very pretty. Looking forward to seeing it finished, and not just out of curiosity. You certainly have your work cut out for you, but I know you can do it.

Vera said...

Neat projects! Especially the first one. Good luck!

gayle said...

Good luck!
I'm really curious about your geometry quilt - I'm looking forward to seeing you work on it!

Cut&Alter said...

Hooray - I am so glad that you have joined in. It really is very motivating!! Your have gorgeous projects to work on there - I definitely can see a couple of finished in the first quarter if not more. Bejwelled is stunning!!