Sunday, January 15, 2017

Stash Report - Week 2 of 2017

We got very lucky this weekend.  The projection was for a major ice storm, we didn't get it all that badly.  This was the worst of it. 

This was Saturday morning and it was already starting to melt off.  It's supposed to rain all day today, but the temperatures are supposed to be in the 40's.  

On the sewing front, it wasn't a bad week.  I managed at least 15 minutes every day, so I've kept my A in finding time to sew.  On the stash front, I had a close call with Connecting Threads.  They put out a new catalog and oh it was tempting.  But the catalog is safely stashed away, out of sight out of mind.  So there's a bit out this week with nothing coming in.  

Used year to date:  1.62 yards
Added year to date:  0 yards
Stash reduction 1.62 yards 

The final borders are going on Bejeweled, so that will show up in next week's report.  I'm hopeful of getting the back pieced too, that should make for a nice dent in the stash next week.  

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Barbara said...

Oh, I hate the ice. So treacherous. Glad you didn't get it too badly. That's a great shot. You're making good progress on your graduation quilts.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the time in the sewing room...

Glad you made it through the ice storm. OKC also got off easy, but if the freezing line had been a bit further south as well as colder, then we would have been hit hard. But, at least we are getting rain.

Love the picture of the ice unzipping itself from the lamppost!

Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts said...

So glad the weather wasn't as bad as expected. Congrats and standing strong and not buying more fabric! I bought enough for both of us yesterday.....

Katie Z. said...

I'm glad the storm was mild for,you too!

Well done hiding the catalogue. I glanced at it, firmly told myself no, and put it in the recycling! I don't NEED anything rght now, and I have plenty to keep me busy, so no more shopping for a while!

Rose Prairie Quilts and Farm said...

Stand strong, keep it up. I haven't seen the new catalogue yet and try to be like you. Love the picture , great shot. I'm glad you didn't get much ice.

Jennifer said...

We barely had any ice here, but a cold and rainy weekend, so good for some sewing - great start to the year for you!