Saturday, May 20, 2023

Week 71 Photo Challenge: A House

 This subject of this week's photo challenge is a pretty common object.  

There are lots of houses, the challenge is to get an interesting photo.  Last week the photos were all of the same subject, this week the photos show a lot more variety.  

Kate: Bird Duplex

I spotted this lovely bird duplex on one of my walks this week. I'm visiting Grad Girl this week, so I've had the chance to explore some new trails.  Sadly this house doesn't seem to be in use, I wonder if no one liked the neighborhood?  

My Guy: Hollow Tree

My Guy spotted this Gnome house on one of his bike rides this week. Very ingenious way to deal with an old stump.   

Grad Girl: Student Greenhouse

Since Grad Girl spends most of her time on campus these days, it's not surprising she found something there as her subject.  I'm not sure if this green house grows plants or student's brains.  

That's our photos for this week's challenge.  Much more variety than last week.  My Guy got to pick the card for this week because I forgot to pack them. He had such a difficult task, this is the last card in our first challenge deck.  


His text said "I think we saved the hardest for last".  Of course his next statement was he had an idea of what to do. Grad Girl, who had a bad week in the lab since she broke a key piece of glassware, got a gleam in her eye when she said she had an idea. Me, I'm clueless at the moment of what my subject might be. Next week's post should be interesting.  



lovely house ideas--wonder how many fairies live in that tree house???
have a fun week with grad girl--
hugs, di

piecefulwendy said...

These are so fun to see! I finally found my pack, but now I need to know - are there more than one pack? I'm going to do this with two of my friends, but probably not in my posts.

Sara said...

Clever house shots for this week! that little gnome house is very cute. Something breaking - that could be very interesting. Have fun with GG this week!

Barbara said...

Oh my gosh! What precious birdhouses. And the greenhouse is very cool. Great photos. So much fun.

Donna said...

Love the bird house and the gnome house. So fun that people put interesting things in their yards.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Hope you're having a great week with Grad Girl! All the houses are fun, but I really love the birdhouses. Someone had fun making those!

Linda said...

Love your birdhouses, and the gnome house is pretty amazing - much better than cutting out a stump! Your next challenge sounds like a head scratcher. :D

Jennifer said...

Great subjects for the house challenge!