Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Photo Play #15: Oklahoma Spring

I'm still about a month behind on posting my photo practice sessions.  My photo taking has slowed down a bit as I've been trying to balance the have to do things like clean out the attic and garage with finding time to walk.  It's getting too hot to walk after lunch, so I need to adapt my schedule to walking earlier in the morning.  But that's when I tend to work on the computer. So it's going to take me a few weeks to adjust, but that may also give me a chance to get caught up on posting.  

My Guy and I had a date day back in early April, so we went hiking at the Oxaly Nature Center.  I did a solo hike there back in early March (those photos are in this post).  There was definitely more color to photograph this time.  Most of the photos were taken with a Canon 70D with a Tamron 18-400 telephoto.  The photos haven't been edited other than to reduce the file size for posting. 

The Sand Plum trees were bloomed out by this time, but even without the petals, the naked stamen made for some cool photos.

These stamen only flowers make me think of little skeletal fingers for some reason.  You can tell it was a beautiful day with the blue, blue sky in that first photo.  

I'm still working on my landscapes, but I liked this reflection of the red buds in the pond.  The wind was reasonably calm, which is a rare day during spring.

No ideal what this is, but I like the little buds against the green gray background of the pond and forest.  You get just a hit of the sparkles from the water in the pond.  

It's not spring till the bright pink Redbuds are in bloom.  This photo is from my I-Phone 12.  For some reason, I struggle getting a good shot with my Canon.  But it's hard to not enjoy this bright pink beauties.  

I didn't write any take aways in my notes from this photo practice session. I took a lot of photos that day, as did My Guy.  There are close ups and landscapes, DLSR and I Phone shots, most of which work as photos.  None of them are WOW photos, but I'm good with that.  It's been a fun exercise to see what I can come up with that's new each week.  



Pretty photos--you are doing good--
I took a photo class a few years ago when I lived in NY-It wasn't what I was hoping for in one way--but I did learn alot that changed my 'look' at photos so that was good--
I too need to do a daily walk--and being in Fl it needs to be early--but I am an "old stick in the mud" as they say and as soon as I eat breakfast ==I like to work on cross stitching--and that's when I really really need to go for my walk!!!
hugs, di

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love seeing the redbuds! They don't grow around here. I had never seen them until our son moved to Missouri right out of college. We visited him in March one year - the redbuds were all over the place and so pretty!

Barbara said...

Beautiful photos. I really love those sand plum trees. And the red buds, of course. I don't know if we have them here. They look similar to our flowering plums.

Donna said...

The redbuds photo is my fave. Not something we have around here.