Wednesday, May 3, 2023

April Wrap Up: PHD in 2023

Before writing this post, I took a look back at my March Wrap Up. April has definitely been a much more productive month since my back and shoulder issues have mostly been resolved.  Even with April being a more productive month, my PHD report hasn't changed much. 

Still no finishes and I added a new project.  The donation blocks have to be turned in this month, so hopefully they won't languish on the list like everything has.  I'm going to need to focus on finishes soon or all I'll have to show for 2023 is new projects!  At least there was more progress in April then there was in March. 

The Stay At Home Round Robin (Quilting Gail) continued as my focus project for April.  

Border 5 is finished and most of the blocks for border #6 are made. There has been steady progress on this project.  Will it be a finished flimsy by the end of May?  Maybe.  

The other project with steady progress in April has been Chilhowie (Bonnie Hunter).  

Block 4 is almost finished. My plan is to make 9 blocks total, so I'm almost halfway there. 

Wild and Goosey (Bonnie Hunter) also saw a bit of progress this month. 

Over the last couple of months I've added a few more blue, green and purple blocks.  This was my 2019 Rainbow Scrap project.  The plan this year is to just make a few blocks each month in hopes of moving this project along. 

There was some progress on Diatom (Quilting Jetgirl) this month.  I had hoped to stay current with this quilt along, but the SAHRR took priority. 

Block 3 is done and up on the design wall. I really love this project and would like to get back on track with it.  Block 9 was released last week.  I'm hoping to have blocks 4 and 5 done before block 10 comes out next Friday.  

The new project this month was to make 8 HST blocks for the guild donation projects. 

I finished 4 of the 8 at the retreat last weekend.  One more was finished the day after, that leaves 3 to finish before the next guild meeting.  

So April was definitely better than March on the progress front.  I need to start focusing on some finishes as mid year will be here before I know it.  Linking up with Quilting Gail for the April PHD in 2023 update.  


Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

The blocks for the guild donation project look good; have fun finishing them up in the next few weeks. And how fun to see the progress on the other projects!

piecefulwendy said...

You are making progress on each project, and I think it's better to enjoy the process than stress out over not keeping up. I like all the variety in your projects too!

DawnyK said...

All of your projects are terrific and it's wonderful to see so many progressing. So glad your April was a better month. Looking forward to seeing your updates on these lovely projects!

dq said...

This post is inspiring me to update my lists. I think I am a list person.

I had a huge interest in photography years ago and have kind of let that go. I do enjoy reading your thoughts on the topic. There is one photo above that really expresses the wind. You can see the movement of the branches even though it is a still photo - good job!