Tuesday, May 9, 2023

To Do List for the Week of 5/9/2023

I wrote in my last To Do Tuesday post that I really needed to get back to moving some of my older quilts to finished.  But that's not going to happen this month.  Before I get to why that is, here's how it went with last week's list.  

To Do List for 5/2/2023

1. SAHRR: Finish 5th spacer border, make windmill blocks ✔
2. Donation blocks for guild: Assemble patriotic blocks 
3. Diatom: Finish block 4, cut fabric for block 5 - progress
4. Wild and Goosey: Finish an orange block 
5. Chilhowie: Continue as leaders and enders 

Check marks on 4 out of the 5, with progress on the 5th, is a really good week.  This week's list is going to be a bit longer.  It's doable if I make good use of my afternoons and actually get in the sewing room. I will admit that with being retired, it's easy to get distracted and just not make the best use of my time. I'm adding another new project to my list this month.  I really need to make this my last unplanned new project and get back to my UFO list.  Here's this week's to do list. 

To Do List for 5/9/2023

1. SAHRR: (Quilting Gail): Make windmill blocks

Two more windmills are in progress and the fabric is cut for two more.  I need a total of 12 windmills to finish the planned layout.  With everything else on the list, I doubt I finish all 12 this week, but hopefully I'll whittle down the number needed. 

2. Guild Name Tag: Make

I have a plan for this, I just need to execute it.  The next guild meeting is a week from today, hopefully I can finish it by then. 

3. Diatom (Quilting Jetgirl): Cut fabric for blocks 5&6, make block 5

I finished block 4 but didn't get the fabric cut for block 5.  I think block 9 comes out this week (or maybe it's block 10).  At any rate, I'm hoping to be caught up by the time the last block comes out.

4. Wild and Goosey (Bonnie Hunter): make 1 orange block, cut orange scraps

These little blocks are really fun to stitch up. They don't take very long, but unfortunately I can't string piece these. I don't have a lot of orange scraps, so there may not be a lot of variety in these blocks.  I need to dig to see what else I have in the stash. 

5. Blog Hop Quilt (Meadow Mist Designs): press and cut fabrics

This project needs to be finished by the end of June, so I'd best get going on it. 

6. Chilhowie (Bonnie Hunter) : Leaders and Enders

I'm making hourglass blocks for block 5.  I've cut fabric to make blocks 5 and 6, so I have lots of pieces to work with for a while.  

That's my list for this week. In order to check off all the items, I'm going to need to be disciplined this week.  Fingers crossed I can manage that.  Linking up with The Quilt Schmilt: For the Love of Fabric for this week's To Do Tuesday.  


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Your Diatom quilt block is beautiful, Kate! I love those blues. Sounds like you're making progress on everything! Good luck with your blog hop project - I have something like that (with a deadline) to work on, too.

Bonnie said...

Great week last week. You are making progress on a lot of projects. This week may be more of a challenge but you can do it. (Rah, rah! Think of me as your cheerleader -- something I never was in reality!)I sure understand how easy it is to not get to the studio to play. I'm doing a great job procrastinating right now! Have a good week.

Bonnie said...

Great week last week. You are definitely making forward progress on your projects. I hope this week goes as well. I understand the not making it to the studio earlier in the day. I'm procrastinating as I type. Have a great week.

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

I really like how your Diatom Block 4 came together. I hope you have a fun working on all these projects this week. With spring really starting to happen, it's getting easier to get distracted by other things that need to happen (at least, that's what's happening to my afternoons)!

Sharon Kwilter said...

Those are some great projects. Well done. I had planned to participate in most of those same quilt-alongs, but I never did get my act together this year. I did download all the clues though, so many someday.

Carol Andrews said...

Kate I do love all of your fun projects and watching your progress. Your Diatom block just glows! Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday. Hope you’ve been having another great week. I’m looking forward to seeing your Guild name tag 😉