Sunday, June 24, 2012

Stash Report - June 24th

We all slept in this morning. Drama Teen is still sleeping in at the moment.  The swim meet went OK, she took time off 5 out of 6 events.  But boy was it hot in the stands. I'm glad we didn't have to go back for the late afternoon events,we would have melted. 

After the swim meet and lunch, we ran a few errands and made a stop at one of the quilt shops.  I ended up walking out with a few more red and white prints for the Red, White and Blue Stars quilt I'm working on.  I didn't have enough variety in the stash to finish the 13 blocks needed. 

These 9 fat quarter should help with that.  Thankfully, that's all I walked out with.  I'm so far in the red it certainly didn't hurt the stash report all that much. 

Used last week: 0.66 yards
Added last week:  2.25 yards

Used for 2012:  20.1 yards
Added for 2012:  169.5 yards

Net stashed for 2012:  149.4 yards

On the positive side, over 20 yards out for the year.  On the negative side, the net stashed is closing in on 150 yards.  Not nearly my worse year for stash enhancement, still it's not my best effort either. 

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  1. You have have had a vey busy year so far. Variety is a good thing! Looking forward to seeing your R W B star quilt

  2. There's something freeing about being in the red. Might as well go for it with gusto, unless you're planning on doing lots, and lots, and lots of sewing to try to get into the black. These are great fabrics.

  3. Congratulations to Drama Teen on the improved times.

    Those fabrics are lovely.

  4. Lovely additions! I'm with you on being in the red and I've decided not to worry about it.

  5. Some yummy reds there. They'll get used fast enough.

  6. Love those red and whites you got!

  7. Oh Kate, let's just look at it this way ... the first half of the year you gather, the second half of the year you use! And if it works out that you gather *all* year, then just make 2013 the year of use. Or make this the *decade* of gathering! Just let me know how to help you spin it!! Hahaha!!! :)

  8. I think you NEEDED those fabrics...

  9. I'm with Barbara - once you hit 150, you might as well go for the red with all your best. ;) And I love red fabrics - good selection!

  10. Love those reds. As long as something is going out, you're doing good.


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