Saturday, June 16, 2012

Foto Finish Substitute - A Quilt Show

The photographic genius behind Foto Finish, Barbara of Cat Patches, is still recovering from her recent trip to Ireland, so Foto Finish is still on hiatus. That means I've had to find other inspiration for the weekly Saturday photography post.  I've pretty much exhausted the "first" digital camera premise.  But, since last week was the Tulsa Quilt show it seems appropriate to share some of those gorgeous quilts here.   

The show seemed smaller than the last time I went a couple of years ago. Still there were some fun quilts.  I liked this scrap quilt with the dark stripes running through the blocks and the red corner stones.
Serendipity by Donna Rushing
Quilted by Linda DeVries
Donna's interpretation of Squares and Stripes Layer Cake
by Cheri Good Quilt Design

Another scrap quilt.  I have the book this one comes from and have considered making a my own version without the applique. 

Cobblestone by Emma Goins
Quilted by Carol Furgason
Source: Nickels and Dime Quilts by LeAnn Weaver

I love the colors in this one. The red, white and black with the green border.  Not a color combination I would have considered, but it looks great here.  
Card Tricks and More by Linda Jenkins
Quilted by Marilyn Gore

Bright colors are always a favorite.  Applique is not one of my strong points, seeing quilts like this make me wish it was. 
Molly's Meadow in Spring by Janie Sutterfield
Quilted by Kim Hull
From Molly's Meadow by Kim Diehl

This quilt won best of show.  I love all the bold and bright colors.  Plus it's flowers, another personal favorite.  
Best of Show:  Glorious Applique by Teresea Marler
Quilted by Donna Titsworth
Modified Kim McLean pattern

There were many more beautiful quilts on display, but these were my favorites. 

Now I should go get busy on laundry and such so I can go work on my own quilts later this afternoon.  Have a great weekend. 


Barbara said...

Beautiful quilts. It's easy to see why that one won best of show.

thea said...

Nice pics! thanks for sharing those.