Friday, June 15, 2012

Favorite Things Friday - Weekend Breakfasts

TGIF!!!!  It's been a long week, lots of meetings at work and then business dinners two nights this week.  I'm ready for a weekend.  Drama Teen and I need to run out tomorrow sometime and finish up the Dad's Day shopping.  Other than that, I'm looking forward to a very relaxing weekend with a bunch of sewing time scheduled. 

This is the third weekend in a row that we've been at home.  Club volleyball has been over since the beginning of May.  Drama Teen is still swimming, but we agreed to cut down on the number of meets she swims this summer.  The whole family agreed that a slow summer was needed this year.  Consequently since we're not rushing out of house at o'dark thirty in the morning, we have time to go have breakfast at our favorite morning spot.  Well at least the Drama Teen and I have had time.

Twice this last month, we've had the time to have a leisurely breakfast of Swedish pancakes at Jude's. 

I'm not much of one for whipped creme, but I like the boysenberry spread that comes with them.  Drama Teen is more than happy to transfer my unloved whipped creme to her plate.

One of my favorite things about having breakfast at Jude's is that they have the most amazing lattes.

So not only do I get to indulge my sweet tooth a bit, I get my caffeine fix for the morning as well. 

Drama Teen  actually sets her alarm to get up early enough to go have Swedish pancakes at Jude's.  For a teenager who regards sleeping in on weekends as a constitutional right, that's quite a sacrifice.  For my part, it's nice to start Saturday morning off with something besides a bowl of cereal and house work.  Spending some quite time with Drama Teen is nice too.  Wonder if she's willing to get an early start of it at Jude's tomorrow, then get our Dad's day shopping done.  Hmm, have to see if she'll go for that.  I'm thinking probably not, she's been complaining about how hard and tiring swim practice has been. I'm betting she'll go for sleeping in and skipping breakfast with Mom.  

That's it for me this week.  Check out all the other favorites over at Quilting in My Pyjamas


Unknown said...

I laughed when you called your daughter Drama Teen, mine turned 21 a few weeks ago and is still full of drama! I wonder if it will ever end.

I think it is great that the two of you have something like your breakfast to share!

libbyquilter said...

you must be so pleased with these times with your daughter. having raised a daughter, i know that every single moment of 'relaxed' conversation is such bliss. i wish you many more of these slow starts to your days together.


thea said...

What a great favorite. Sounds like a wonderful breakfast place. love the design in the latte.

Janice said...

Great looking pancakes and who doesn't love a Saturday morning latte.

Lynne said...

Breakfast in a place like that looks well worth the getting up for! did she go for it?

Barbara said...

Well may I just say, Yum!

Shay said...

Father’s Day isn’t until September here so I still have time to buy my Dad something. Hope My Guy enjoys the day and DT shows him all the love he deserves.

Going out for breakfast is one of my favourite things too , but it’s always a toss up about how badly I want breakfast vs whether I can be bothered getting out of my pyjamas. Those crepes look pretty yummy though so I could probably be tempted !