Monday, June 4, 2012

Design Wall Monday - June 4th

Is it really Monday already?  Even though I had a 3 day weekend, it still doesn't seem like I had enough time to get all the things that needed to get done, done.  I took Friday off to run errands (getting car tags is not a fast process in this town).  I did sneak in some sewing on Friday, as well as on Saturday and Sunday as well.  So there has been some progress on the design wall projects. I'm juggling 3 projects at the moment. 

As of Saturday, the Coffee Cup project was caught up.  All the blocks up to this month's purple blocks have been completed.

Cup block patterns from Karen F. Srebro and Janet McCarroll
publised in Block Magic and Block Magic Too by
Nancy Johnson-Srebro

The fabrics for the purple blocks have been selected and the fabric for the purple "F" has been cut.  It just needs to be stitched together.  That should be done in time for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge post next Saturday. 

Visible progress was finally made on the May/June UFO challenge quilt.  In May all I managed to do was cut some of the fabric, but this weekend I finally made a second block.  A third block is partially assembled.  This blocks is tough, you really have to pay attention to assembly order.  I've had to do some unsewing on both the second and third blocks. 

This project started as part of a technique class to make the eight pointed stars, there was no quilt plan.  I probably need to work out a layout and decide how many blocks are needed before this project goes much farther. 

Finally, progress was also made on Sweet Treats.    

Designed by Judy Laquidara
(pattern available here)

Twenty blocks of the thirty needed are complete.  These blocks are so easy and fun to make.  I'm going to miss this project when it's finished. 

That's it for my design wall this week.  Check out all the other design walls over at Judy's Patchwork Times


  1. The coffee quilt is looking great. You are getting a lot of sewing in. Hope you also got some rain last night, from the radar, it sure looks it!


  2. Sounds like several of us got to do some unsewing this past weekend. And, you are in quite a RWB mood, aren't you? Both the stars and the treats are looking like they want to be quilts so keep up the good work.

  3. The COFFEE quilt is coming along really nicely (sorry, not meaning to shout; it just seemed like the right way to write it).

  4. I smile when I see those coffee cups, just love them. The stars are beautiful. Love seeing all the RWB quilts. Yours are beautiful.

  5. I just love the coffee cups. I would hook up an IV of coffee if I could LOL

  6. You've got such fun fabrics in the Coffee quilt. Such a happy quilt.

    Great looking stars. I know what a challenge matching the corners of the diamonds can be.

  7. Really great cups of coffee there, Kate! I like how you made different ones of each color. Is there going to be more than two F's? Cuz if you make a purple one there will be :)

    Wonderful that you're getting some quality time in on all these projects. The star one is a beauty.

  8. Lots of progress in a few places! I love the coffee cups, and those stars are awesome! Eight-pointed stars is something I need to learn still.

  9. Those coffee cups are beautiful and the stars are just stunning! You accomplished quite a bit. Happy Monday!

  10. The coff quilt is looking good . Just waiting for “ee” to happen.

    I love the stars . So intricate but would probably drive me mad doing it. The red fabric looks fab!

    I actually had my 30’s repros out this weekend (cutting some pieces for a friend ) and it took all my strength not to start cutting blocks for my own sweet treats blocks.

    Everything you’re working on is beautiful Kate.

  11. You have lots on the go. The coffee cups are looking cute. I like the stars too.

  12. Nothing like some progress to encourage you! Love the coffee quilt.

  13. Great progress on lots of fronts. I see a lot of finishes coming soon...

  14. A lot of nice work! I love the blocks in your header, too.

  15. All great projects - the coffee cup one is too cute!!! Where in CO did DT go?

  16. Just love your coffee blocks...such a creative idea!
    And your sweet treats are adorable.


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