Saturday, April 22, 2023

Week 67 Photo Challenge: A Coin

We had a beautiful day yesterday, but the colder weather is back today.  I'm actually OK with that, my plan is to spend my day sewing.  But before I go indulge that hobby, I'm going to post about my other hobby and show what we came up with for last week's photo card. 

A very simple and common subject.  Even so I struggled to come up with something photo worthy.  

KAS: Fake Coin

I looked everywhere for the fake coins I know we had left from some of the Mardi Gras parties at school, but I completely struck out on that front. But I did find this necklace and decided it was fake enough. 

My Guy's photo is a bit of history. 

My Guy: 20 Centavos


My Guy has had this coin since he was young.  Either his dad or his uncle gave this to him.  This Mexican Centavos has the same image as the Mexican flag, an eagle killing a snake while standing on a cactus.  It was minted in 1954 

Grad Girl initially bailed and said she wasn't going to have time to get an image.  But she came through a bit later in the evening on Friday. 

Grad Girl: Odd One Out

The very dull coin next to the nickel is Chinese.  Grad Girl keeps a small bowl on the table by the front door and that is where she puts her change.  No idea where that coin came from. 

This week's challenge is close to one we've done recently. 

Week 64 was something abstract.  I guess this is different because it's a close up.  Should be fun, I'll get to play with my macro lens this week. 


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Your photos reminded me that coins always have interesting details that we rarely pay attention to! I have to say I'm not sure I have ever seen a Chinese coin, but we do have things around here like that. "Wonder where THAT came from?!" :)

piecefulwendy said...

Another fun one - I really need to figure out where I put my deck! I tucked it away right where I'd always be able to find it (sigh).

Barbara said...

Fun photos. Your next one will be fun too. Mike used to work at a place where they did a team-building event on Friday afternoons. One of those events was macro shots of familiar objects, and employees (very small company) tried to guess what they were. The one they couldn’t guess was a closely cropped macro shot of stacked paper cups. Think about how the top of the cup is curled over to make a lip, and then imagine just those lines. Nobody guessed it. It was a fun challenge. Curious to see what y’all will come up with.

Linda said...

I only really look at coins to make change and otherwise might have a pocketbook full of Chinese coins! Very interesting photos, and of course I always love the background stories of each.

Janice Holton said...

I'm eager to see you use your macro lens! Love watching these photo challenges almost as much as the quilting. :) janice(at)

Jennifer said...

Three good shots - the coin from your husband and the odd one out from Grad Girl are quite interesting!