Saturday, April 8, 2023

Week 65 Photo Challenge: The Night Sky

This week has been much calmer on the weather front than last week. It was warm early in the week, then it cooled off markedly.  At least the sun has been shining here.  We are in for moderate temperatures this weekend.  Which hopefully means nice weather for all the Easter egg hunts tomorrow.  

This week's photo challenge was one that shook up our photography routines a bit.  My Guy has a minor in astronomy, so he's actually had quite a bit of experience with the subject of last week's challenge. 

These are not easy photos to take. We live where there is too many street lights and city light background to get good photos of the stars, so the moon because the most likely subject, but it's really hard to get a photo of anything but the moon in the night sky due to it's brightness.  So I fudged a little (well, probably a lot). 

Kate: Dark Night, Fake Moon

This image is a combination of two of my images.  To get the clouds you have to over expose the moon. If you expose for the moon, everything else is too dark.  So I combined two shots from my evening photoshoot  using Photoshop.  Is that cheating?  Maybe. But I'm going with that as a sum of my efforts this week.  

My Guy had the same problem, but he still ended up with a cool photo. 

My Guy: NiteSkyFishEye

He was a lot more serious than I was, he spent about an hour out in the cold with his tripod and his fish eye wide angle.  I really like his image. The moon is blown out, so no detail, but it's still a cool photo. (Disclaimer, the photo title is his suggestion not mine.)

Grad Girl struggled with her shot this week. It's been cloudy or pouring rain this week in her part of Texas.  

Still she captured a cool image.  She made the city glow work and a cloudy sky work for her.  This was taken from her apartment balcony, she decided that was as much of the cold and damp as she was willing to endure for this week's challenge.  

My Guy drew this week's card and cringed when he read it.  

Grad Girl may have the advantage of getting a cute photo because she has a kitty.  My Guy reminded me there are other objects that are called tongues.  Hopefully we both can find something non-bio based to post for next week.  


Sara said...

The fish eye lens really made that photo interesting. The night sky is amazing but so often just cloudy around here lately. However, that pink moon was certainly visible this week, and was so bright we had shadows from the trees in the middle of the night.

Anonymous said...

I so enjoy your photos. I can see the tongue of a shoe do next week ;-)

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Using Photoshop to get the image you want is probably a good skill to learn! We're often trying to get night sky photos here, especially if there's one of those giant moons and it's glowing in color. It's hard to get the camera to see what your eyes see, though. Fun to see what each of you tried!

Linda said...

I like your "fake moon"! Your guy's title and fish eye image are excellent. GG got a cool photo too. Looking forward to interpretations of tongues. :)

Jennifer said...

Neat night sky pictures - your husband’s with the fish eye is very cool!