Tuesday, April 4, 2023

To Do List for the Week of 4/4/2023

Wow, it's been almost a month since I last wrote out a to do list for the week.  I'm hoping the worst of my health issues are behind me so I can get more done on the stitching front. 

To Do List for the Week of 3/7/2023

1. SAHRR: Work on border blocks and assembly ✔ 
2. Wild & Goosey: Make one green block✔ 
3.  Chilhowie: Continue assembling blocks as leaders and enders 

At least I have three check marks for that month.  So what's the plan for this week? 

To Do List for the Week of 4/4/2023

1. SAHRR (Quilting Gail): Start Assembly of 5th border, make windmill blocks

The last two square in square blocks are almost finished. I've cut the background spacers for three of the week 5 borders. I don't know that I'll get that border all put together this week, but it will be close.  The windmill blocks are slow going, there are 8 - 1.5" HSTs in each block. I'm going to leave the SAHRR as my main project till it's a finished flimsy.  

2. Diatom (Quilting Jetgirl): Cut fabrics for the blocks

I'm way behind on this project. I've only finished 2 of the 7 blocks. As I get closer to a finishing the SAHRR, I'll start adding in more on this project. 

3. Wild and Goosey (Bonnie Hunter): Make 1 block.

There are no purple blocks completed, but I'm hoping to have 4 done by the end of the month.  The paper piecing makes this difficult to do as a leaders and enders, so my goal is to just make some progress each month and move this a bit closer to being finished. 

4. Chilhowie (Bonnie Hunter): Continue as my leaders and enders project. 

I'm working on the hourglass subunits for block #4.  I need to cut some more orange triangles.  

That's my list for this week.  Linking up with The Quilt Schmilt: For the Love of Fabric.  Good luck with your to do list this week.  


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

the blue white quilt is coming along nicely

Linda said...

Glad you are feeling more like stitching. I love the name Wild and Goosey and it is such an interesting pattern!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Every little bit counts! I love the Windmill blocks you chose for the SAHRR border - they're going to be so pretty in your colors. Have a great week, Kate!

Sara said...

Have a great week! Small goals definitely add up to a finish.

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

I think it's wise to keep the SAHRR your priority until it is a pieced quilt top. The more it comes together, the more the surrounding borders are looking like the birdsong of the birds in the center to me.

Melva said...

I like really your windmill blocks. I hope that you will consider joining the Sew & Tell party at Melva Loves Scraps :)

Marti said...

You are making good progress on the SAHRR, at least since I last saw it. I'm so glad to hear your are feeling better and are ready to tackle more projects.

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

Love all of the activity in your SAHRR--will make a great quilt for displaying! Glad your doing better; those to-do's will get checked off in no time!

Ivani said...

Glad you are doing better, Kate.
Have fun with your goals for this week.

Carol Andrews said...

Kate it’s wonderful to see you are managing to get back to sewing and have made good progress on all of your projects. Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday. Hope this week has had you able to spend more time with your fabrics. I’m looking forward to seeing how you did this week.