Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Year of the PIGS Update - Jan 19th

It's time for a PIGS (Projects in Grocery Sacks) update.  This week Jill of Ramblings of a Fabric and Yarn Obsessor is asking us to reveal more about the secret life of the PIGS and UFOs that live in our stash.  Such as:

Do I have a list of my PIGS and is it current?  Yes, I have a list of my PIGS.  When Jill proposed the "Year of the PIGS", I excavated my sewing room closet earlier this month to see what I had.  So the list is current. 

How many PIGS and UFOs do I have?

PIGS  = 10
UFOs = 5

UFOs have been a big focus in my sewing room since 2009, I've more than halved the number on my list.  I'm hoping to get the list down to one UFO by the end of this year.  PIGS are the planned focus for next year.  I do have one that I pulled out of the pile and started last year.  It's a Buck-a-Block BOM from 2006.  It's one of my PhDs for Myra's PhD Challenge (that post is here). 

What are my oldest PIGS and how old are they?   To be honest, I'm not sure.  Most of my early quilts date from classes and I was pretty good about keeping the papers (supply lists) with the class dates on them.  But for the grocery sack projects, I didn't keep any type of records.  There are two PIGS that were conceived in the same year (I think), though I couldn't tell you in what order.  I bought the fabric at the same quilt shop, at about the same time.   In one case the pattern came first, King's Hiway from the book "Quilts from The Quilt Makers Gift" by Joanne Larsen Line and Nancy Loving Tubesing, illustrated by Gait de Marcken, published by Scholastic, Inc in 2000.

I saw the fabric and thought it would look great made into that pattern. 

The second PIGS was a fabric first, pattern second project.  This was supposed to be a second quilt for kiddo who couldn't decide who she liked best, Little Mermaid or Buzz Lightyear.  So I bought both fabrics. The Little Mermaid quilt did get finished but I never got to Buzz.

Kiddo knew what she wanted and she helped me design a quilt in Quilt Pro 4.  This was the pattern she had decided on.

The fabric for both PIGS was probably purchased in late 2004 or early 2005 (Kiddo was 4 or 5).  I'll probably finish the Buzz quilt and donate it for the school auction.  With Toy Story 3 out, I'm sure some little kid would like it (unfortunately kiddo is too old for a Buzz quilt, though she did like the new movie).  I'm undecided on what to do with the Kings Hiway project.  I still like the fabrics, but I'm not sure they will work well in the chosen project.  I should mock up that quilt in EQ7, see if it works or not. 

Check out the all the details on the secret life of other PIGS over at Jill's blog.


Shay said...

Isn't it amazing what we accumulate when we have a hobby like ours?

I think I still have some fabric somewhere from when Miss P was little which was a long time ago.

Regina said...

Love the quilts the kiddos can help us come up with! That Buzz fabric is great, too - wish it was out now - the new stuff is not as "clear" and is so busy!

Anonymous said...

If you decide you want to work on that hexagon one you mentioned on Dorinda, check out We're banding together to encourage each other to make some progress this year - not necessarily finish, but work consistently toward that end.

Chris said...

Ok. Let me be honest. I don't know that I can count high enough to count my UFOs. Now the PIGS might be a little easier.....maybe :)

Julianne said...

I just can't list them again I have become so lost in the process that I need to just get something anything done.

do you think it would count if I completed my sisters doll that my mother started in 1990- I don't have the face yet but could do the body, cloths and hat. the sister has to do the face.????

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Great post!!

Love that buzz fabric and the orientals for the King's Highway!

I think it's just amazing that we can remember most of the facts about where we get our fabrics, but actually finishing the aged projects seems like such a chore! lol