Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday Night Sew In - January

Last night I was finally able to participate in a FNSI.  I've wanted to a number of times, but it seems we've had other stuff going on.  I was able to get in a solid 3 hours of sewing time last night.  Which may not sound like much, but for me, on a Friday, that's a huge amount of time. 

I made some progress on the HST border for the Seeing Star BOM. 

One more week left in January and I realized that other than my leaders and enders project, I haven't touched any of the projects that I listed for Myra's PhD challenge.  So I drug out the box with the Buck-a-Block fabric in it and worked on it some as well.  I managed to get the HST's done for this block and started sewing the rows together.  This is block 7, so I have 5 more to do after this one.  I've got a lot to do if this is going to be done by June!

I should finish the pieced border for Seeing Stars today, then concentrate on getting the Buck-a-Block project done.   Hopefully I'll be able to do more FNSIs this year.  This one motivated to get sewing, when usually on Friday, I just veg after working all week.  So I highly recommend participating if you can swing it. 


Shay said...

Very productive Kate. I missed FNSI this month .Maybe next month!

Im not doing all that well on my Phd's either!

Impera Magna said...

Making good progress there.. love the Missouri Star block with the pieced center!