Monday, January 24, 2011

Design Wall Monday - January 24th

Is it Monday again already?  Do you ever wonder what happens to your weekend?  It seems I always have such good intentions, but little comes of it.  Well this weekend I was not feeling well on Saturday.  I did feel better on Sunday.  Kiddo's science fair project is due in a couple of weeks, so that was the focus of yesterday afternoon.

I did get into my sewing room a bit last night.  I've finished assembling the pieced border for the Seeing Stars BOM (pattern from Coun'try Junk'tion).  I did start sewing the center together.  Here's an updated picture of the progress (though it doesn't look much different than last week).  

With only one more week in January, I realized that I hadn't done much to work on my quilts for Myra's PhD  (projects half done) Challenge.  So I pulled out the box with the Buck-a-Block blocks and got started on block #7 Friday night as part of FNSI.  This one is almost done. 

The purple and yellow scrap project is also one of my PhD challenge quilts.  I've been working on this one as a leaders and enders project.  Here's the block I'm working on now.  

So that's it for my design wall this week.  Check out all the other eye candy over at Judy's Patchwork Times


Shay said...

Hope you're feeling better Kate. It stinks to be sick especially on a weekend.

Progress of any sort is a fabulous thing. I'm still loving the yellow and purple quilt quite passionately. And the block is so pretty!

Chris said...

Ahhhh the school science projects. I remember those days. Our best one was when we did an experiment to see if human mothers can identify their children through scent. It was a hoot.
I hope you are all back to normal :)

AnnieO said...

I do not miss the weekend crunch of school projects! Hope you feel better and can get back to enjoying more fabric play. Someday I will actually get a leader-ender project prepped (been saying that for about a year!)

Paulette said...

I really like way your Seeing Starts quilt is coming together. I LOVE the purple and yellow project block! :)