Thursday, January 13, 2011

Favorite Things Friday - January 14th

TGIF, almost anyway.  I've been home this afternoon with a sick kiddo.  Just a head cold, but she's miserable. She's sitting at the dining room table, working on today's school work and giving me very dirty looks since I made a special trip to school to get said work.  So I'm definitly up for some favorite things.  

This week my favorite thing is my bedroom.  By the time I graduated from college and was able to afford my own furniture (I lived in a furnished apartment for many years), I was almost 30.  Taking a page from my mother's life, who had bought her first new bedroom set at the age of 30 (one which she still uses today), I pretty much decided that whatever came home was going to be around for awhile.  So I bought exactly what I wanted (I was a successful single working girl at that point, so there was no spouse to exercise veto power).  

The bed
 I must have subconciously missed being a pricess in a canopy bed as a little girl. I'm still not sure why this was "the bed".   There used to be curtains around the it, but they proved a bit impractical when kiddo was little.  The quilt on the bed belongs to my guy, made at his request from a pattern and fabrics he picked out.   Those are books on the night stand. 

My bedtime reading pretty much ensures I dream of quilts.  Then there is the ric a rack on the chest and dresser:

Fan from Indonesia

My baby and a candle she made

Lady Bug box from Kiddo

Side view

Butterfly Box

Bull Frog (my guy's)

There are lots of other things with special memories; our engagement pictures, our wedding announcement, and a big jar of change.  A framed scrappy 4 patch pieced shape of TX (it didn't photograph very well or I'd have shown it), a glass Chinese ornament and a more recent photo of kiddo also sit on the chest.  It's not fancy, but it's home.  

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Kris said...

That bed sure makes a statement!

Shay said...

I love your bed too. I always wanted a bed just like this so I could channel MY inner princess...

Thankyou for the tour of your bedroom and your gorgeous bed. Love the things kiddo made and you have in your room too.

PS. I ended up getting a sleigh bed , so I could pretend I was Santa.

Chris said...

Your room looks so cozy. I love the bed. I recently got a new bed and wavered between the canopy and a sleigh bed. I could not find a canopy as lovely as yours so went with the sleigh bed :)

Kirsten said...

What a cool bed..I am sure that ensures good greams every night

Larri said...

Gorgeous bed! The quilt suits it perfectely, doesn't it? :o) Your cozy bedroom is a fabulous favourite. Thanks for sharing. Happy FTF! :o)

Anonymous said...

Love the bed! Put some heavy brocade drapes on it and it would be like something out of Dickens. I love the idea of a bed with drapes. Very cozy.

Thanks for sharing! Happy FTF

Sarcastic Quilter said...

I love that bed and as soon as the kiddos are older, I say put fabric back up. :) Hubby's quilt is a perfect compliment to that frame, also. Nice!

Alisa said...

That is an amazing bed. I should really look into making my bedroom one of my favorite things. It's very utilitarian right now.

Marg said...

Wow love the bed, it looks amazing. Love your stack of books too, some great reading!

thea said...

Thanks for sharing your room! It looks like a great place to relax. We have several frogs like the one in the picture.

Helsie said...

I guess this bed is like an island that you can retreat to whenever you feel the need.

Paulette said...

That is a beautiful bed (and the quilt on it too). Your reading stack looks a lot like mine. I've got the same book on the top of my stack at the moment too!