Thursday, January 20, 2011

Favorite Things Friday - January 21st

Not quite Friday here, but close.  I'm so ready for a weekend.  Kiddo has home basketball games on Saturday, but so far no obligations on Sunday.  There was 4 to 5 inches of snow on the ground today.  We're supposed to get another snow storm on Sunday, then maybe more on Monday.  I'm ready for spring!

Since I'm not likely to get Spring any time soon, best to just move on to this weeks Favorite Things Friday.  This post isn't strictly a Favorite Thing Friday, so I'll just beg your forgiveness up front for that and proceed.  My favorite thing this week is "finishes".  When kiddo was younger, I looked forward to the finish of soccer season.  No more standing/sitting out in the hot/cold, in the wind (which in Oklahoma is not a trivial thing), in the rain and occasionally in the snow until the next season! 

Along a similar vein, the finish of Upward basketball season was also a welcome thing.  No more rushing kiddo home from after school care, through homework, and through a nutritious quick dinner.  No more running back out the door on a January night, driving across town, only to completely loose your breath and any feeling in your hands as you dash in the cold Arctic air across the parking lot to the gym for practice or games. 

Then there is my most favorite kind of finish, finishing a quilt.  The great thing about quilting is that there is not just one finish so you get all kinds of "being done" gratification throughout the process.  You finish picking out the fabric (which depending upon your nature may provide more relief than gratification).

Then you finish piecing all the blocks, followed by finishing all the row sewing and border adding.  You finish piecing the back.  Once the quilt comes back from being quilted.  You finish the binding (I forgot to take that shot, so you'll need to exercise your imagination to see completed binding below).

Finishing the label comes next.

And then the quilt is finished. 

That's my first quilt finish for 2011 (definitely a favorite).  It uses one of my butterfly fabrics, so that's another favorite. This quilt is a Planet Patchwork's July 12th one day mystery quilt, Merry Mayhem's Mystery Quilt Case #132 - Lucky Stars.  You can see  from the label I've renamed the quilt to suit my own fancy.  I love the quilting Trudy did on this one. 

So that's it for my favorite thing this week.  Hop over to Quilting in my Pyjamas to see all the other wonderful favorite things. 


thea said...

I love finishes too! But don't be too anxious for the sporting ones to finish .. mine are all done now. No more games :(.

Have a great Friday!

seabreezequilts said...

Love finishes too. We are heading for the finish of the school holidays yeah it has been a long 6 weeks and one more week to go. I have enjoyed the lack of routine but am looking forward to some time on my own without someone looking for me for a couple of hours.

Larri said...

Great favourite, Kate! I'm almost thankful my kids aren't that interested in sports. When they are, we have a rule: Only one sport per child per season.

Your quilt is lovely. I can see why finishes is a favourite. Thanks for sharing. Stay warm this weekend! Happy FTF! :o)

Marg said...

I think this is a great favourite. My daughter has just finished school, it feels very nice, and looking forward to see what she chooses to do in the next stage of her life.

I agree too that the different finishes on a quilt are very satisfying, finishing the top, the backing (not my favourite thing at the moment), the quilting then the binding, then to see the final result, very satisfying.

Marg said...

Oh I'm sorry I forgot to say, I love purple and butterflies, and your quilt!

Helsie said...

What a great idea for a FTF post. Very clever of you. I think MOST of the time we all love to finish things especially quilts.

Kirsten's Cooking said...

Our daughter played basketball, too, this year - but we are also looking forward to several weekends without any obligations!

beautiful quilt - I can see why you're proud of it - thanks for sharing!

Shay said...

I love that you're embracing each new stage by being happy that things are finishing.

There's nothing like finishing a quilt to put a smile on your face either. I love that final stitch in the binding. Talk about elation!

Finishes are a great favourite no matter what they are.

Always lovely!

AnnieO said...

I like that last kind of finish a lot too!

Having been through 3 kiddos with activities, I don't miss those days--and we don't even have weather to deal with!