Saturday, September 23, 2023

Week 88 Photo Challenge: Floating

The weather here has been more spring like then fall like this week, at least in terms of the magnitude of the thunderstorms that have rolled through the last couple of days.  But the storms have brought cooler weather and higher winds.  Oklahoma is known for being windy, but during the hottest days, we had almost no wind this summer.  Wind and water were dominate subjects for this week's challenge. 

My photos this week covered both wind and water.  In my case wind won out. 

Kate: Floating Past the Sun

We'd had storms overnight into the morning on Friday. But both the sky and radar seemed to indicate they were passed.  I ventured out on my typical morning walk. Not more than 5 minutes after this photo, I realized just how dark it was to the north and west. Then there was this incredible lighting strike and thunder boom. I didn't get my usual 2 miles in, but I more than made up for the shorter distance in intensity.  You do not want to be the tallest thing around when it's lighting.  

My Guy went the water route with his photo for the week.  

My Guy: Flotilla

The wind picked up and the sky cleared up by sunset.  It was definitely a nice evening for a nice group paddle in the lake.

Grad Girl, as usual, picked a very different subject for her challenge photo. 

Grad Girl: Density Differences


Grad Girl is a big fan of ramen. This is one of her rare non-lab photos, but I couldn't resist keeping with the science theme for the title.  I can't tell if this is from dinner out or if it's one of her ramen bowls she fixes at home.  She had a pretty stressful week, so I'm wouldn't be surprised if she reached for some comfort food.  Her kitty wasn't feeling well early in the week, plus she's got pending grant deadlines on top of research projects.  I do not miss graduate school (or working for that matter).  

This week's challenge is pretty much wide open for any number of subjects.  


Grad Girl responded to the text with "Ooo, ok I have ideas".  So next week should be pretty interesting.  


Sara said...

You all had really awesome photos! Nothing quite like the intensity of a prairie thunderstorm is there? But that's a magnificent sky in your photo. The water looks like spun gold in your husband's picture.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

All three photos are amazing!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

That's a beautiful sky photo you got, Kate! Love the light on the water in your guy's, too. I don't miss school or work either, although I loved both. Hope your grad girl's week ended on a positive note!

The Colorful Fabriholic said...

I enjoy seeing the variety of photos you post each week. Fun activity to do as a family even though you're not all together. I love your cloud photo.


Love all three photos--great work you 3--
I hope kitty is better and that grad girl gets all that paper work done so she can cook a real meal or even take time to go out for a 'real' meal!!!!!lol
hugs, di

Donna said...

I can't pick a favorite this week. I like them all!

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

Such wonderful, photos, Kate .It is so fun to see all 3 of you interpret the theme. Oklahoma skies are so beautiful even on a cloudy and stormy day. I hope Grad Girl's kitty is feeling better. Have a wonderful weekend.

Barbara said...

Great photos. I like your “ramen as science” take on a title for her picture.

Linda said...

Your weather photos are awesome - is that your town's water tower in the background? Exciting times when lightning happens on a walk - eeek! I hope GG's kitty feels better. My "stray" cat that I've been feeding for 2 years was gone for a day and I was miserable worrying about him. Then he showed up in his usual spot the next morning - lol! Seems the older I get the more I worry about and fuss over our pets. Hope you are having a great week!