Tuesday, January 7, 2020

To Do Tuesday: The First 2020 To Do List

The first Monday in 2020 has come and gone. It wasn't so bad. There will be a lot to get done at work this month, hopefully it can all get done with no overtime.  The first few days of 2020 have been good ones on the stitching front.  Two check marks on the list for last week, with a bit of progress on the third item.  Definitely not a bad week.  

Weekly To Do List (12/31/2019)
1. Twinkle Stars - Add final border
2. Winter Quilt Along - Finish Hour 5 and assemble sections
3.  Frolic - Finish Clue 3, progress on Clue 4 and 5, start on Clue 6 (progress made)

Bonnie surprised a few of us with a Frolic clue on New Year's, followed by the regular weekly clue on Friday.  I made progress on all the bits and pieces, but didn't finish off clue 3 as was the plan. But to balance that out, I've got two finished quilt tops out of last week's stitching.  So staying focused paid off.  

So what's the plan for this week?  

Weekly To Do List (1/7/2020)
1.  Twinkle Stars - decide on backing fabric, make back, prep back for quilting. 

The backing fabric actually got picked out last night. I bought some large yardage pieces from the end of year sale at Connecting threads with the intent of using it for quilt backings. The fabric has been washed and dried, so it will need to be pressed before I can start cutting and piecing the backing.  

2.  Frolic - Finish Clue 3, make progress on Clues 4, 5 6 and 7, start on clue 8.  

I'm only making half the blocks to start, so it's been easier to keep up. Lots of HSTs with this mystery, which can be slow going. But I'm making a few pieces every day, so hopefully I'll be able to put together a couple of blocks once we get to that point in the mystery. 

3.  Mosaic Mystery - Lay out blocks on design wall, start to assemble rows as leaders and enders project.  I really shouldn't start the assembly process, but I really want to see how my fabric choices work in this mystery, so we'll see how it goes working in the piecing as a leader and ender. Maybe once Twinkle Stars and the Winter Quilt Along projects get sent out for quilting, this project will become the focused finish.  It could happen.    

So what's on your to do list for the week?  I'm linking up with Home Sewn by Us for the weekly Tuesday To Do List Linky party.  I'm hoping to have three check marks on my list by next Tuesday. Good luck with your weekly list.  


Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Kate! Oooh, that backing looks perfect for Twinkle. It is almost twinkling itself. I just heard from another friend that the Mosaic layout has been shared so I need to go see how all the pieces fit together. I think you did fabulous on last week's list. Do you have any ideas for Twinkle quilting or do you wait for suggestions? Just curious how it might be done - I know I have no ideas to share! HAHA! Happy Tuesday and thanks for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne

chrisknits said...

There's 1 thing I know I will accomplish this week, have a Happy Birthday on Thursday! LOL. It will happen no matter what I do. But catching up with Freyja, my Frolic, will happen too.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love the backing you picked out for Twinkle Stars - it looks perfect for it! Hope your work week leaves you some time to sew!

Sandra Walker said...

Ooh great backing! I like to snag yardage when it’s on for terrific deals and CT comes through in that regard don’t they? Love the Mum’s Garden line colours and name and now I’m thinking hmm maybe I should buy a little bit.... will be watching for your MM top!

dq said...

HI Kate. I do not enjoy cutting, pressing, and sewing the backing. Yours is lovely!

Cheryl said...

Great plan for the week! I look forward to seeing your progress!

Linda in Arkansas said...

Your Twinkle Stars is one of my all time favorite quilts. The backing you have found is perfect! Nothing like a sale to make it even more perfect. I really like your idea of Mosaic Mystery being a leader/ender. I have not done that before. I didn't even get the concept until recently. I think you'll be able to catch up with Frolic soon. Good luck getting 3 checks on your list!

Jennifer said...

It was a busy start back to work this week for me with some early morning and late evening work, so no big goals during the week, but I am planning to spend some time in my basement today and hope to make some good progress on a ufo that needs quilting. Love the back you found for twinkle stars!