Thursday, January 16, 2020

Mid - January 2020 PHD Report

It's been a quick moving month. It's already mid-month and time to check in over at Quilting Gail's with progress on earning my PHD (projects half done) in quilt finishes for 2020.  

Amazingly, there's been some good progress on a few projects. 

1.  Twinkle Stars - The narrow color border was finished by the end of 2019.  The final border is on now, so it's a finished flimsy.

The back is pieced too. 

So good progress on this project, though it likely won't come of the the UFO list till February.  

2.  Winter Quilt Along - Is now a finished flimsy.

Quiltgirl Winter Quilt Along

After measuring the quilt and determining how much fabric was needed, the backing fabrics have been selected. 

I don't have enough left of the top fabric, which is left over backing fabric from the Twinkle Star quilt. But combined with the bottom fabric, left over backing from Vintage Dresses, there will be enough to back this quilt. 

3.  Frolic - Clues 1 and 2 are done, clues 3 and 5 are close to done, with good progress on clues 4, 6, 7 and 8.

Frolic, 2019 Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt

Frolic isn't on the PHD list at the moment, but that could change. It would be good to finish it this year.  

4.  Mosaic Mystery - Was just a stack of blocks at the end of December. Now it's up on the design wall with the top row assembled, bottom row in progress. 

Mosaic Mystery Quilt
from Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs

Another mystery quilt along carried over from last year that's not on the PHD list. It may get added at some point. It's my current leader and ender project.  

So not bad progress for the first few days of 2020.  But there's no measurable project progress according to the PHD tracking tool.  

At least there aren't any new starts so far this year.  That has to count for something. 

Linking up with Quilting Gail for the mid-month PHD check in.  


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love seeing what all you have going on and love the top finish there

Alison V. said...

This is a lot of great progress! Are you going to do the borders like the pattern for your Mosaic Mystery quilt top? I also really like how your version of Frolic is coming together -- the yardage you picked is just perfect and I especially like your lime green.

Barbara said...

Great progress. When I see PhD, I can’t help but think of the old meaning...piled higher and deeper.Kind of how it’s going in my sewing room right now.

Susie H said...

Oh boy! Frolic looked to be a bit challenging this year. Good luck! I'm looking forward to the reveal. I've not started this one .... yet! Great job on getting your projects moving right along!

loulee said...

Great progress, even if your tracker isn't showing it.
I'm still in love with your twinkle stars.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Amazing progress!!!


I see that you have had your sewing machine just a 'smokin' so far in 2020--nice flimsy finishes and now those couple of tops are nearly quilts!!!
luv, di

Sharon said...

Nice progress! You've really been putting some miles on the sewing machine.

Sandra Walker said...

Wow, your Mosaic Mystery is just GORGEOUS! Excellent progress!

MissPat said...

Your Mosaic Mystery actually sparkles, or maybe it should be glitters. Wondering how you'll finish it off. Good job on Frolic. I'm in FL and TX until late March so while I brought some parts with me, I won't be able to move forward until i return home.

DawnyK said...

Great progress. Love the Twinkle Stars flimsy. What a fantastic accomplishment.

chrisknits said...

Yes, no new starts is a positive!! Take the positives when you can, they help fuel us to victory! Or at least to a less busy PHD program.

Quilting Gail said...

Hi Kate!
Great progress on your projects!
If you finish Frolic this year - that can count towards a finished UFO (mine will - if I get it finished!)
And YES, not starting a new project deserves a pat on the back! :-)
Thanks for linking up to the PHD in 2020 progress report!
Happy Quilting! :-)

The Colorful Fabriholic said...

Congrats on your progress! Since it doesn't show on your PHD report, maybe you could add a column to the tracking tool to acknowledge the progress you've made. Give yourself credit where it's due!

Emily said...

This is tremendous progress! You've moved several projects along already!

Jennifer said...

I would say you’ve had a great start! How big is the Mosaic Mystery? I didn’t make it along with the mystery, but it is really pretty and might need to go on my list for one of my retreat projects this year!

Marti said...

I love the Mosaic Mystery. It looks like jewels set into the background.

Cheryl said...

I am in love with the yellows and purples you used for the mystery quilt, gorgeous!