Monday, October 31, 2016

Weekend Stitching - The Last Butterfly

It was a relaxing weekend.  The only have to do was to sit with Drama Teen so she could finish out her college applications that required a submission fee.  Getting into college has certainly changed since I started XX years ago.  

Some time was spent cleaning up the sewing room a bit. But I still managed to get in quite a bit of stitching.  All the square in a square blocks for Bejeweled are done.

That's all 72 of them.  The first set of strip blocks are also finished.  I ran out of room on the little design wall so those got moved over to share the big design wall with Blooms and Butterflies. 

I completed the last butterfly block for Blooms and Butterflies then decided that was enough fun in the sewing room for one day.  Tonight I should get the butterflies and the alternate blocks laid out so stitching can start on the borders.  

Since November is almost here, I did give some thought to what November's One Monthly Goal should be.  With that in mind, I made some progress on making the label for Zombies in Paris and got started on squaring it up.  The other option is to get Poinsettias sent out for quilting, which means getting the backing assembled.  I've got a day or two to think about my choice.  

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  1. I am SEW looking forward to seeing Bejeweled come together.

  2. You are sew right - college has changed so much in the last XX years - its crazy - hope her apps went good. Those Bejeweled blocks are really pretty!

  3. Wow! You seemed to get a lot done this week. It is amazing how much you get done and work full time and keep up with Drama Teen. Bejeweled blocks are lovely.

  4. Love the fabrics in the Bejeweled - going to really pop.

  5. Love your jewel tones in the new project. These are populating your Design Wall quickly!

  6. I am enjoying your Bejeweled progress! Such a good pattern.

  7. Those fabrics from Connecting Threads are so pretty. Love your progress so far.

  8. My, but, you have been busy! That design wall is filling up! Way to go!


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