Sunday, October 9, 2016

Stash Report: Week 41 of 2016

We had a front come through on Friday which cooled us off nicely.  It actually feels like fall.  Unfortunately the associated rain didn't do much to reduce the pollen levels.  My sinuses have expressed their displeasure in that fact with a steady sinus headache, which required some extensive napping to dissipate.  So not much sewing yesterday.  I'm hopeful today will be better.  

Even with the sinus headaches, I've done well in getting into the sewing room for at least 15 minutes every day this week.

Days with 15 minutes of stitching this week:  7 out of 7 days
Days in October: 8 out of 8 days
Days in 2016:  223 out of 282 days

At the moment I still have a C in sewing time.  My percentage of days in the sewing room is at 79.1%.  Even so, this is the most I've managed in all the years I've been tracking.  So, I'll take the C.  I have to admit to a bit of jealousy.  Julie over at Julie's Quilts and Costumes has an A (90%) in sewing time.  She does a great job of finding time to sew in spite of what is has been a very hectic late summer for her.  

On the stash front, I'm slowly recovering from all my good luck and stash enhancements in September. 

Used last week:  0.80 yards
Used year to date:  48.40 yards
Added year to date:  46.09 yards
Net used in 2016:  2.31 yards

This is my 7th year of stash tracking.  Another half yard of usage will make this my third best year for stash usage.  If I don't add any more this will be my second best year for limiting stash enhancements. So the over all stash number isn't going down a lot, at least it's not going up.  I'd be pretty happy if the stash stays at steady state for the year.  

I did briefly brave the pollen yesterday afternoon to check out this American Beauty butterfly who was absolutely in love with our lone sunflower. 

American Beauties must taste bad. This flower is on the other side of the fence from our neighbors bird feeder (which is why the sunflowers tend to grow in this spot).  None of the birds looked interested in what I would assume would be a tasty morsel.  

Linking up with Patchwork Times for this week's stash report party. 


Dar said...

Your stash busting is going great. I hope by now your sinus problems have gone away since it has gotten cooler here too. That is a fabulous picture of the butterfly and sunflower.

Deb Chimes said...

I really admire your strategies for getting into the sewing room daily and keeping track of your stash! Your photograph of the butterfly is just stunning!

Denise :) said...

Way to go ... look at all those good sewing days you've racked up!! And your stash report looks fabulous, too! I adore sunflowers -- they are so "sunny" and make me smile. Yours is a beauty! The birds may not have figured it out, but it looks like the butterfly did! :)

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Love your sunflower pic!