Saturday, April 20, 2024

Week 108 and 109 Photo Challenge: Birds and Frozen

It's been almost 4 weeks since I posted about the family photo challenge.  Both Grad Girl and I struggled with the photo challenge for week 108.  

My knee problems were limiting my mobility, so it was hard to get out to walk.  As Grad Girl was a bit time strapped due to lab work, we extended this challenge for another week.  During our trip to Texas, we visited the Monument Hill/Kriesche Brewery historic site.  My Guy hiked the trails, I found a bench to hang out on finally found my bird shot. 

Kate: Soaring

This is one of the black vultures that were riding the updrafts from the valley below.  There were four of them just hanging out and riding the winds.  It's not the best picture, but it's the best I could manage with my lens. 

My Guy definitely had a advantage with this challenge, it's one of his preferred subjects to photograph.  He didn't disappoint.  

My Guy: Northern Flicker

This Northern Flicker's coloration allows him to blend in with the bark of the tree so well. My Guy has incredible eyes when he's on the look out for the birds.  Northern Flickers are woodpeckers. They can be found throughout the continental  US, while their breeding grounds include all of Canada up into Alaska. 

Grad Girl is managing two concurrent projects, one of which is new.  So she's been putting in a lot of lab time.  Consequently, she had to get inventive. 

Grad Girl: Queenie's Birdie

Queenie does love her toy birds, especially her red ones. This one at least still has it's feathers. She's pretty good at plucking them all out over time.  

We finally drew a new challenge card after we got home from Texas. 

My Guy said once it was drawn that it was definitely the wrong season for this card.  Which just means we have to look a bit harder for subject matter.  I didn't have to think to hard to find my photo. 

Kate: Yummy Frozen Stuff

I love ice cream. But these ice cream sandwiches are all that hang out in our freezer as it's easier to control intake.  It's amazing how quickly a gallon of ice cream disappears from the fridge.  

My Guy struggled with this week's photo, but he still came out with a cool image of a common item.  

My Guy: Cube

Ice cubes have such interesting textures. This photo illustrates that well. 

Grad Girl pulled her image from her lab work (as that's about the only place she's been the last week). 

Grad Girl: Filter Freeze


One of the solvents she uses in her reactions freezes as it evaporates and it builds up on the edge of the filter funnel. She finds such cool subjects in her lab. Chemistry is indeed fun.  

I pulled the card for this week.

This is one subject that is definitely open to interpretation. It should be interesting to see what we all come up with this week. 


Sara said...

Such interesting photos, as always. You each find such unique subject matter. Grad girl's frozen photo was fascinating. And I like ALL of the bird pictures.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Driving through Tennessee and into Kentucky yesterday, we saw lots of vultures doing exactly what you caught in your photo! Those are great ice pictures, too - ice can do interesting things. It will also be interesting to see what you come up with for next week!


My goodness--all three of you are doing great with your photos--even that Grad girl finding things at work to fit into the theme of the week--or at home with the kitty's help!!!
Pray surgery goes well on the knee--
Hugs, diane

Anonymous said...

Very interesting photos this week. I especially like grad girls frozen photo. Very interesting. We have northern flickers visiting our feeders at home regularly. We didn't have them so much until we put out a suet feeder. They love the suet. They're all great photos as always. Barbara @ Cat Patches

Donna said...

All good pics! I love that each of the frozen pictures shows so much texture.

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

Fabulous photos, Kate. The vultures reminded me of when we were camping in Texas- they were hovering too. Love the frozen photos- Yours looks so yummy and I had to study Grad girls- so interesting. Great job by all! Looking forward to the next challenge . Hugs

Linda said...

Another great post with different interpretations from everyone - all excellent too. I always try to think "what would I do", and it is never a quick answer. And now you have me craving Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches.

Jennifer said...

Great pictures as always, the freeze ones are really neat!