Tuesday, April 9, 2024

To Do Tuesday for the Week of 4/9/2024

The big thing that wasn't on my to do list for last week was to watch the eclipse. We ventured down to Texas so we could see totality.  My Guy had the special filters and such for his camera, I didn't get that motivated. Even so,  I did get a cool photo during totality.  

We'd had mostly cloudy skies all morning, but we got lucky and the sun was in a clear patch for almost all of totality.  This photo was taken with my cell phone with no filters.  My Guy had his DSLR set up with a tripod and special filters. He's not looked at his photos yet, but I'll post a few sometime this week once he's had a chance to sort through them.  I'm sure the got a few cool ones.  

Since we did travel for the eclipse, I didn't get as much done on my to do list as I had hoped. 

To Do List for 4/2/2024

1. 2023 SAHRR: Fabric requirements, start assembly - progress

2. Rhododendron: Work on last 2 borders ✔

3. Wild and Goosey: Work on purple blocks ✔

4. Indigo Way: Continue as leaders and enders ✔

Even though I didn't get as much done as I wanted, three check marks and progress on the fourth is still a good week.  

The plan for this week will need to take some travel time into consideration.  But I'll still have sewing room time after we get home to move a few things forward.  

To Do List for 4/9/2024

1. Butterfly Medallion:  Continue to embroider while on the road. 

I've made some good headway on the next butterfly.  There should be a bit more progress before we get home.  

2.  2023 SAHRR (Quilting Gail): Cut fabric, assemble backing

I worked out the fabric requirements and cutting measurements, but didn't get any farther. I doubt this gets sent out before I have surgery.  I've got a number of things that have to be done before I'm out of commission for a few weeks, so sewing room time is likely to be limited.  

3.  Rhododendron (Bonnie Hunter): Finish last border

The next to last border is attached and I'm working on sewing together the strips for the last border.  

4. Wild and Goosey (Bonnie Hunter): Continue making purple blocks

I won't get as many made this month as last month, but any progress will cut down on what has to be made to finish this up next year.  

5. Indigo Way (Bonnie Hunter):  Continue as leaders and enders

Still working on making the component for the remaining blocks.  

I'm to to the point that whatever I can get done before surgery gets done. What doesn't will have to wait till I'm mobile again. Fingers crossed that doesn't take too long to happen. 

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LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I'm glad you had a good trip and were able to see totality. Your photo is beautiful! I'll look forward to seeing your guy's photos, too. We were at 65% here, but didn't have any glasses this year, so our attempts at viewing were not very successful. I did get a fun photo using my colander, though, lol! Have a great week, whatever you get done!

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

I'm so glad you had a break in the clouds and were able to see and experience totality. Safe travels home!

Sara said...

Your photo showcases such a beautiful sky. Good job! Two of my friends traveled to Texas to join various family to see the totality. Good thing for them since it was raining here, so we couldn't even see the 70% expected. But we need the rain so no complaints.

Your butterfly will be so pretty. Will that be a project to continue while recovering from your knee surgery? Hopefully that goes smoothly.

Barbara said...

Fantastic! I’m so glad you got to see the eclipse. I’m looking forward to seeing the photos. It sounds like your cloud-cover was similar to ours. It was overcast all morning until just about an hour before the eclipse. Then, we had a big window between the clouds once it started. We were able to see the whole of totality, but about two minutes after totality, the clouds moved in. We were thrilled.

dq said...

I too enjoy taking hand work along on road trips. You can get a lot done. The only exception is windy mountain roads because it makes me nauseous.

I didn't see the eclipse this time, but I caught the last one a few months ago.

Linda said...

Glad you were able to find a place for eclipse watching! We set ourselves up in our pergola, and it was a big thrill! We were close to the left edge of totality, so we had almost two minutes of excitement. :) Good luck getting ready for surgery.

Marsha Cooper said...

We had 85% eclipse here in Kansas. My daughters family left school and work early so we could all watch it together.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

I love your butterfly embroidery,Kate. What a great take along project. And your eclipse photo is amazing!

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

Good luck with your surgery and take it easy on yourself. The quilts will patiently wait for you. I do hope you find fun things to do in the meantime.