Monday, January 21, 2019

Weekend Stitching: Back to the Fun Stuff

It was bitterly cold all weekend.  Perfect weather to just hang out around the house.  Once a few household chores were out of the way, I migrated to the sewing room for the rest of the weekend.  

First on the list was to finish the not fun stuff from last weekend: prepping Inverted Star for quilting.  ✔

It took a couple of hours to finish off the prep work.  I found the right size box in the left over pile from Christmas. The box needs to be taped shut and a label added then it will be ready to mail to Trudy.  Getting Inverted Star shipped out for quilting was my January one monthly goal.  It should go out in the mail tomorrow.  It's nice to get that one checked off before the end of the month. 

Looking at the project plan for this year, next on the list to finish is the Christmas Mystery quilt.  It's not a year old yet, so it's not on the UFO list, but getting it finished will keep it off the list. Since the plan this year is to get in a few finishes, no reason not to pull this project out and figure out what's next for it.   First step was to address the creepy blank face of the nutcracker (which really bugged My Guy). 

Ho Ho Ho (Christmas Mystery)
designed by Carrie Randall (Quilter's Hideaway)

I used dark gray embroidery thread to stitch in a few facial features. I'm happy with how it came out, so is My Guy.  No more creepy, faceless Nutcracker.  

Next step was to figure out the backing fabric and get that pieced.  Most of the quilt was made from scraps and fat quarters, so there wasn't any left over yardage to pick from there. After staring at the various piles in the fabric closet, I came across a green and gold print.  Not a Christmas print, but I think it will work for the back. 

It's got the same green tones as the print used for one of the Dresden Plate blocks.  I'm planning to bind this in either red or dark green.  That backing would work with either.  It didn't take long to piece the backing, this quilt isn't a very large just 52" X 64".  Next step is to give both the flimsy and the back a good press, then clean up the loose threads on both.  I'll probably wait till next weekend to get started on that.  Since this project used a medium gray, I won't have to worry to much about the threads showing through, except in the blocks that use white fabrics.  So hopefully that process will go faster with than it did with Inverted Star.   

That's it for me this week.  Linking up with the usual Monday linky parties:

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Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts said...

Your nutcracker looks pretty cool with his added facial features - great job! I like the backing you chose for your Christmas Mystery quilt. I think it's perfect!

chrisknits said...

Yay to finishing 1 goal and prepping for the next!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Way to go in finishing up the monthly goal early. GIves you lots of time now to play - or work toward goals on the list. Love that swirly green you chose for the backing.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

It's always a good feeling to finish getting a quilt prepped for quilting! Love the backing for your Christmas quilt - it's a beautiful green!

Barbara said...

I think that’s a perfect fabric for your back. The brain tells us that it’s Christmas fabric even if it isn’t. Also, I love what you did with the face on the nutcracker. The blank faces are typical of Ruth McDowell’s patterns, like on my brother’s quilt, but your embroidery improved the nutcracker, so good going!


you are zippin right along with your projects this year--good for you--
like the face you put on your nutcracker--I am a face person--at least eyes--
need eyes on angels and such--even my tiny birds I stitch have to have an eye-I mean we wouldn't want the little birdy's flying into the trees head on, now would we???
luv, di

piecefulwendy said...

That backing works really well, and your Nutcracker block is looking really good with his face added!

seabreezequilts said...

I'll send some of our heat your way if you like its going to be 44C here on Thursday and I'm going to see Mumford and Sons those English boys are going to melt on the stage. The Nutcracker is cute now.

Cut&Alter said...

Oh I just love that Nutcracker. It will be wonderful to get this finished well in time for Christmas 2019!

Alison V. said...

This quilt is so adorable and I love that backing!

Emily said...

Yes, he looks much nicer with a face. Very handsome fellow! Your green and gold looks great! I would absolutely believe it was a Christmas fabric when paired with this quilt top.

Preeti said...

So glad you chose to add features to his face. He looks so handsome now. I am feeling very attracted to his mustache:-) But your Dresden with two different blade sizes has me intrigued. How did you do it???

Marti said...

Oh yes, much better with a face on the nutcracker. I like the fabric choice for the backing and it does look a little Christmas-y when it is next to your holiday fabric.