Saturday, February 26, 2011

15 Minute Challenge - Day 9

I did spend my 15 minutes in the sewing room on Friday.  I was able to get in about an hour, which is much less than I had hoped for since we were off yesterday.  We made the trek to Tulsa to pick up the sewing machine which had been in for service and then did some shopping for things we can't readily get in our small community.  By the time we got home, it was time to get kiddo from school and run another set of errands for the swim meet this weekend.  Which is also why this post is so much later than usual.  We spent this morning watching kiddo swim. 

The sewing time yesterday was spent on the binding for the 2008 BOM.  I managed to complete one side of the binding and about half of another side.  If I work really hard for what's left of this afternoon and evening, maybe I can get it completely done! 

Just three day left in my personal 15 minute sewing challenge.  I'm going to the sewing room now, so that should cover day 10.  What happens starting March 1st?  I can try to maintain the 15 minutes of sewing every day, pick a week each month to challenge myself, or just challenge myself when I'm not sewing enough to meet my goals.  I'm not sure yet just what path to take once February is over.   


AnnieO said...

This is a good challenge. Isn't it surprising how easily 15 minutes can turn into an hour? I love to sew and wonder why it is so hard to make myself get to what I love! This week, for instance, I only sewed on Monday night and it was Friday before I got back to it. Sigh.

Shay said...

Keep it up Kate. You desrve to make 15 minutes time a day doing something you love.

Your binding shots always thrill me. Cant wait to see the finish!

Marg said...

Fifteen minutes a day is certainly helping you to make a difference.
Keep it up as it's a great idea.