Saturday, February 19, 2011

15 Minute Challenge - Day 2 (2/18)

Getting to my sewing room last night was a bit of a challenge.  We didn't get home from the Science Fair until almost 10:30 PM, which is really a good thing.  We were so late getting home because kiddo won a medal for her project so we stayed for the awards ceremony.  Way to go Kiddo! 

Before succumbing to the call of my bed, I did manage to spend 15 minutes in the sewing room.  The plan was to start stitching on the HSTs that had been cut and pinned on Thursday night.  But as I was pinning a row of rectangles to the purple and yellow quilt block that is my current leaders and enders project, I realized that the rectangles for the next block needed to be selected so there would be something to use as an "ender" to add on after stitching the HSTs.    

Selecting the fabrics took up the rest of the 15 minutes.  So no sewing, but one block is now pinned ready to go as the "leader" and the next block is laid out so I'll have the next set of leaders and enders for when the HSTs get stitched. 

I'm hoping to spend more than 15 minutes in my sewing room today.  But first I've got Kiddo's basketball game to watch and then I promised Kiddo we'd shop for her outfit for the next school dance.  Check in tomorrow to see if I was able to follow through. 


Shay said...

Congratulations Kiddo! Well done on the award.

Picking fabrics Kate is still 15 minutes spent and one step closer to whatever finish you're working on. It's all part of the process. Well done on pushing through and getting that done.

I recall how hard it was to find crafty time when I had a child at home. You will notice I only got crazy levels of sewing going after Miss P and Little P moved out in November !

SpinningStar said...

Congrats to Kiddo for her success. Yup, you had to stay for the awards ceremony.

And I agree with Shay in that any time in the sewing room is good time - we need to prep so there are things to sew.