Saturday, February 12, 2011

Foto Finish Saturday - Green

Barbara picked "green" as this weeks theme for Foto Finish Saturday.  After the winter weather we've had the last week, the green of summer seems far, far away.  The yards, the fields, the prairies as far as I can see are all covered with winter white.  It will be a bit before we see the green again.  So I picked this week's image to remind myself it has been and will be again.

Last summer on a lazy weekend we drove up to Independence, KS to visit Lillie's Classic Quilts.  Well, I wanted to go to the quilt shop, my guy and kiddo came along because they were bored.  After the quilt shop, we stopped in Riverside park to walk and let kiddo get the wiggles out before we got back into the car for the drive home.  Looking up through the trees, the textures revealed in the the sunshine and shadow lighting of the leaves just begged to be photographed.  It's a good memory to have in the depths of winter.

That's it for my Foto Finish.  See more over at Cat Patches. 


  1. Love the pic! I love taking nature pics and my absolute favs are looking up and capturing light through leaves!

  2. I love this shot. A few years back, I had to have surgery on my neck. I was scared spitless about it. I spent the day before my surgery walking through the woods taking pictures just like this.

  3. I love the shadows in this shot.

  4. You completely nailed the sun filtering through the leaves.

    I love the vibrant colour in tbis picture too!

  5. Great light & shadows!

    Do you see the quilt asking to come out of it?? I do!


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