Thursday, February 10, 2011

Favorite Things Friday - February 11th

Not quite Friday in my part of the world, but TGIF is just a few hours off.  We are supposed to get a heat wave tomorrow, temperatures should rise above freezing.  Our low this morning was -28 F (-33 C), which exceeded the state record low by a degree.  Reports are we received 18 inches of snow from this last storm that ended on Wednesday.  So it's been a crazy week here, with a total accumulation of close to 30 inches from this storm and the one last week.  Even for Oklahoma that's extreme!  So out of this crazy week, what's my favorite thing?  

The blue sky after the storm.

The stark beauty of the winter landscape.

The windswept grasses of the prairie dancing in a field of white.

The unexpected splash of color. 

Since I can't beat the snow (and the associated hassles), I decided to just appreciate the change of scenery. 

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  1. Looks lovely, but as I don't like the cold I don't think I could appreciate it too much. I also don't like hummidity which is what we have here today yuck.

  2. Looking glorious though I fully understand it is not easy to live with this amount of snow and the cold temperatures.
    Love the photo's of the blue sky and sunshine on the snow.

  3. Beautiful pictures! I love looking at snow .. not so much being in it though.

  4. Kate , your state made the news here with the blizzard this week. You're famous!

    It's hard to believe that you had such awful weather , looking at these glorious pictures. Look at that blue sky against the snow.

    Those leaves against the snow look marvellous. Enjoy it while you can !

    Thanks for dropping by FTF and sharing these lovelies.

  5. I have been in -30 temps so can appreciate how cold it is. That's why I live here!!!!!!!!!
    Your photos are stunningl, the sky is such a clear blue, and the shadows on the snow are beautiful. I love the splash of colour from the leaves.
    Great photos, and I really hope the weather warms up and there's no more snow!

  6. We have had almost 40 inches of snow this winter which is TOTALLY out of character for us, it IS beautiful but I am over it, I want to be warm again. ;)

  7. It has never snowed where I live so any time we are in snow it means we are on holidays on an adventure. It's nice to visit but I stop functioning when I get cold, so it's always nice to leave and come home.

    You've got some gorgeous photos though - I suppose we are too busy throwing it at each other to ever take nice photos.

  8. We would love a little snow. But alas, it almost never snows in North Florida.

    Stay warm and here is sending some sunshine your way.

  9. Gorgeous pictures, Kate!

    It is starting to warm up here in PA, we're supposed to hit 50 degrees on Sunday!

    Our snow is much less beautiful than yours - melting, gray, and ugly.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful surroundings! I often think of the Laura Ingalls books when I see snowstorms in the midwest! Glad you don't have to find your way with a string :)

  10. Beautiful pictures. I'll take a clear blue sky any day, any season. It's especially welcome after a big snowfall.

  11. Far different scenery than I photographed a couple of days ago, but just as beautiful and calm. Thanks for sharing! Hope there are some much warmer days in your future :)

  12. I'm cold just looking at it. Or maybe because it is cold and snowy here too (but not as cold or snowy as there). Thanks for finding the good in the situation. I loved your photos!

    xo -El

  13. Beautiful.

    And thanks for checking up on me... going back to bed. sniffle, cough, cough, groan...


  14. Isn't the weather crazy all over the world!! It does look beautiful but I can appreciate the down side of so much on earth do you go anywhere?? Love how you have seen the beauty and shown it to us :-)


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