Friday, February 4, 2011

Favorite Things Friday - February 4th

TGIF!!!!  We've had about 16 inches of snow this week.  The lows have been below 0, the thermometer in the car said -11 F on the way to work yesterday.   The highs have been below freezing.  We're supposed to get more snow today.  Thankfully the calender for this weekend is almost empty.  We won't have to get out much.  So I can stay home in my warm sewing room, work on a few projects and do one of my favorite things, watch movies. 

Well, I'm not sure I so much watch as I listen when I'm sewing.  I do like new movies, but there are a few in my collection that are like old friends.  If I can't find anything new I want to watch, one of these is likely to go into the DVD drive on the telly.


I think these two are it in terms of musicals in my collection, but I saw these when I was in elementary school and just loved them.  I still love them.  I do have a couple of more modern romantic comedies in the favorites list.


The critics didn't like this version of Sabrina, but I'm a sucker for pretty much any Harrison Ford movie.  Then there's the ultimate in historical romance, Jane Austin.




Hard to go wrong with Jane Austin in the DVD player.  My absolute favorite is the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice. 

Now for something completely different:



Science fiction movies just for the fun of it, when romantic is just too sedate.  You can add the first 3 Star Wars movies and the Harrison Ford Indiana Jones movies to the list as well.  Those aren't actually my movies, I have to kype them from my guy's collection if I want to watch them. 

That's it for my FTF post this week.  For those still digging out from this week's winter storm in the US, be careful out there.  For those dealing with the aftermath of Typhoon Yasi, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

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Sandy H said...

A&E's Pride and Prejudice is my go-to DVD (or rather, DVDs) when I'm really sick, or really down. They got me through a bad departure from a job once--must've watched them 30 times during a couple of weeks of needing some serious self-indulgence! I also like several of your other picks, but we could have a P&P watching party any day!

Janice said...

Our taste in movies is so identical. I have watched every movie you mentioned at least once if not multiple times and when I want to just curl up and veg out, I watch them again.

Thanks for sharing.

Larri said...

Great favourite! :o)

I love Sense and Sensibility. I just love the dialogue and wit of Eleanor. I cry right along with her when Edward admits his love for her.

PS...I liked the remake of Sabrina. And did you know that You've Got Mail is an updated version of the movie Shop Around the Corner? If you haven't seen it, check it out. Happy FTF! :o)

Kirsten's Cooking said...

we also have enjoyed some movies during the snow days!!

Since we live in the northeast, we haven't had as much snow, but it sure is nice to see the sunshine, even if it is in the 20's!!

Here's hoping you can watch some movies this weekend!

Happy FTF

Chris said...

Looks like a perfect weekend. Plus you get to watch the Steelers win the SB, LOL

Barb H said...

Nothing better on a cold winter's day than a good movie, a warm house, and something to sew. Enjoy it while you can.

seabreezequilts said...

I have just about all those Jane Austen versions, there is another recent BBC Sense & Sensibility that is better than the movie version and another another Mansfield Park that is truer to the book and is great but stay away from the remake of Persuasion unless you want a good laugh. I loved the remake of Sabrina too who cares what the critics say. Haven't seen those musicals in ages, my favourite is Singing in the Rain (I am a sucker for any Gene Kelly movie)

Marg said...

Couldn't agree more, it's nice to curl up on the sofa when it's cold outside and watch a really good movie.
Also, anything with Harrison Ford is nice to watch, and I love the Jane Austen DVD's.
I'm going to have to search out a copy of Shop Around the Corner now, thanks Larri.

thea said...

A&E's Pride & Prejudice is my favorite too! My husband's as well. We love movies here too.. watching the Green Mile right now.

Sara said...

I'm sure you're all sick of snow but it has NEVER snowed where I live (South East of South Australia)

And honestly, I'm kinda jealous. I'd love the opportunity to bum around home for a few days while the world sparkled outside.

If I'm sewing, I'll usually put on something that I've seen before, so I don't have to concentrate too hard on it. I prefer TV shows to movies, be because a movie's finished in 3 hours, but you can get 20 hours from a season of TV.

Gretchen said...

Colin Firth is the only Mr. Darcy! So with you on that one.

I'd rather have a mixture of the Sabrinas though. Much as I like Harrison Ford, I liked Bogey better. And there is no way Julia Ormond could replace Audrey Hepburn. But I'll take Greg Kinnear over William Holden any day!

Paulette said...

Good movie choices! I'm set to start watching the Colin Firth Pride & Prejudice marathon next Saturday with friends. I'm a sucker for Harrison Ford movies too, especially his earlier ones.