Tuesday, February 22, 2011

15 Minute Challenge - Day 5 (2/21)

We didn't get home from Kiddo's basketball game until 10:00 PM last night.  The girls won their first game of the season, so the parents had to deliver on the promise of ice cream after the game. I'm not sure who made the promise, but all the parents went along with it. 

Amazingly I did manage to get in 15 minutes in the sewing room.  I took advantage of the time Kiddo was in the shower and getting ready for bed.  I started cutting the Thangles and squares for block 12 of the Buck-A-Block project

I didn't get all the 3 inch squares cut for the block, but it was a quarter till 11 and more than time for bed.  It was easier to get upstairs for just a few minutes because I had identified something to work on the day before.  I need to remember that.

Well that's it for day 5. Nothing on the calender till this weekend.  So it should be easy to get in some time in the sewing room.  I'll just have to force myself to shut down the computer even though I'm really behind on replying to comments and reading everyone's blogs.  Seems I can't find the time to sew and be up on all the computer stuff too. 

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Shay said...

Cunning plan there Kate- Squishing in your 15 minutes during shower time. I bet you're looking forward to the weekend.

Well done on another glorious 15 minutes of sewing room time!