Wednesday, January 5, 2022

One Monthly Goal: January 2022

I haven't quite mastered getting the year right when writing out the date. That's probably going to take a few weeks rather than the few days of the new year that have passed so far.  I'm mostly wrapped up with last year's stuff and can concentrate on what's in the works for this year.  Participating in the One Monthly Goal over at Elm Street Quilts has always been a great motivator, so I'm going to play along again this year. 

I have two quilts that need to be finished in time for the Scientist in Training's college graduation in May.  The first of those is off being quilted, so that one should easily be finished. The second of those I've just started.  

Photo from Flying Parrot Quilts

The pattern is Potions from Flying Parrot Quilts. You can purchase a downloadable PDF here.  I need to have all the blocks pieced and the quilt assembled with a back made by the beginning of April for it to be finished by early May. I really hate working to a deadline, but I can if needed.  The pattern is broken down into four sections; test tubes, beakers, flasks and assembly.  My plan is to try to finish each  section within two weeks, that would put it ready for quilting in March.  I'm not likely to meet that aggressive of goal, but if I don't push, it won't get done.  

The blocks aren't difficult, but they are fiddly. You have to get the seam allowances just right or the block doesn't look quite right. I've only finished 3 test tube blocks so far. 

The third one went together a lot quicker than the first and second, so maybe I'm getting the hang of it.  Even so there a lot of blocks to finish in the near term. So my goal for January is to finish all the test tube blocks and have at least half the beaker blocks made. 

That's my plan for January.  Hopefully I can stay on track this month. If I do, my life will be much easier in February.  Linking up with Elm Street Quilts for the January One Monthly Goal.  


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

good luck in getting the two quilts done - you can do it!!

Sara said...

That is a really cute quilt and really does have that science theme. She will love it, I'm sure.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Nice theme quilt.

The Cozy Quilter said...

I really like the potions quilt…perfect for a scientist in training!

Jennifer said...

Go, go, go Kate! Good luck on the goal.