Tuesday, January 25, 2022

To Do Tuesday for the Week of 1/25/2022

This is the last To Do Tuesday for January.  Already?  I'm close to finishing up my One Monthly Goal for the month, so that should get done.  I won't have any finishes this month, but there has definitely been good progress as last week's To Do List shows.  

To Do List for 1/18/2022

  • Potions: Make 5 beaker blocks
  • Rhododendron Mystery: Work on A and B blocks 
  • Macaron Mystery: Continue to work on the January Clue 
  • Unity: Continue making flying geese as leader and enders 
So four for four this week.  Potions is my "get it done project", so I'm not doing as much with the other three projects. So long as I can see some progress at the end of the week, I'm happy.  It will be more of the same on this week's list. 

To Do List for 1/25/2022

Potions: Finish the beaker blocks, cut pieces for flask blocks

Potions: pattern by Flying Parrots Quilts

Just four more beaker blocks left to make. As long as I've got time to sew, these should get finished this week. I'm on track with this project. The goal is to have the quilt out the door for quilting by the end of March. 

Cabins and Fans: Trim quilt and make binding

Cabins and Fans, self designed

Cabins and Fans is back from being quilted and it looks good. The Scientist in Training needs to send me the message for the quilt label as this is a gift for one of her mentors.  But I can get going on the finishing steps.  I'm hoping for an early February finish. 

Rhododendron Mystery: Continue Working on the A and B blocks

Rhododendron Mystery: Bonnie Hunter 2021 Mystery Quilt Along

One more A block up on the design wall. I've decided to go with a 4 by 4 setting, so I'll need 16 A blocks and 9 B blocks.  Those hourglass blocks are going to take some time to make.  I suspect this will be my next leaders and enders project once Unity is finished.  

Macaron Mystery: Continue to work on the January Clue

Macaron Mystery: Meadow Mist Designs 2021 Mystery Quilt Along

This is the project I've made the least progress on so far this month. The next clue doesn't come out till the first week in February so I have time to make a bit more progress on these subunits.  

Unity: Continue making flying geese as leaders and enders

Unity: Bonnie Hunter Stay at Home Quilt Along

The last set of blocks needed for the last pieced border are coming together slowly.  Once Potions and the Cabins and Fans projects are finished quilts, I'm going to bump Unity up to the top of the to be finished quilts. It's getting close.  

That's my list for this week.  Potions is my focus, so if all I make progress on is that, I'm doing well.  Good luck with your lists this week.  Linking up with Linda of Texas Quilt Gal for To Do Tuesday


Ivani said...

Nice progress on all the projects. Great work Kate.

Barbara said...

Great progress on your projects. The rhododendron quilt looks interesting.

Sara said...

All good progress again. Can't wait to see how Cabins and Fans looks all finished because it's stunning!!

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

You certainly have a very busy week planned with all kinds of fabulous projects. I really like your Rhododendron Trail quilt that you are working on. It is fun to see the different versions. I would like to make a smaller one too. Have a great week.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Looks like you're making good progress on all of your projects! I'm excited to see the Cabins and Fans reveal - that will be a lovely gift!

Dorothy said...

I so love your Cabins and Fans. Any chance of a pattern coming???

trisna said...

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Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

Looking forward to the big reveal! Way to go on all the progress!

thea said...

Agreed. Great progress. I like the Potions quilt and can't wait to see it finished.

Linda said...

Wow, Cabins and Fans is almost done - can't wait to see the final and what a great gift! All your projects are so varied and interesting and just so darned attractive!
Thank you for linking up with To Do Tuesday!

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