Saturday, January 1, 2022

Photo Challenge: Sushi and Something From a Video Frame

The weekly photo challenge post is going up just a little late today.  Someone didn't get their photo for this week taken till after dinner tonight. I'm still in catch up mode as far as the posting the challenge photos. This post covers weeks 26 and 27, which will bring us up to date.    

Week 26 was unexpected. 

Both My Guy and the Scientist in Training are pretty big fans of sushi. Me, not so much.  Consequently it's not a dining option we explore very frequently.  We were in Oklahoma City for Christmas and had lots of dining options, but as close as I would get to going for sushi was going to the chicken place across the street. 

Kate: Sushi in Lights

But the neon sign for Sushi Neko was pretty cool and worth a photograph.  The neon sign in the back is from the Will Rogers Theatre, a well known landmark in the city. It was built in 1945/46. It's not an operating theatre these days, it's an event center, but the signature neon sign is still there.  

My Guy found sushi at the grocery store, though he didn't bring any home for lunch.  It's definitely colorful stuff.  

My Guy: Just Roll With It

There is a sushi restaurant here in town. The Scientist in Training met up there with her roommate for dinner one night after Christmas. She fed both her craving and took advantage of the photo op.  

Scientist in Training: Sushi with Friends

Week 27 had all three of us scratching our heads. 

None of us were sure exactly what that meant. We all came up with a photo, you'll have to decide if any of us hit the mark or not.  

I was pretty clueless about this one and racked my brain for most of the week. Till I found a potential subject during my dusting spree this week.  My video "scene" was inspired by the opening scene in Citizen Kane.  

Kate: Opening Scene

My Guy created his own video shoot. He raided the Christmas tree for the Barbie and the SIT's LEGOs display for the photographers.  I think it's pretty cool.  

My Guy: Glamor Shot

The Scientist in Training went more authentic. If you Google "Director's Hands" you'll see what I mean.  If she'd taken this shot a little later in the day, there would be snow in the scene.  

Scientist in Training: Directors Hands

Did any of us hit the mark with the week 27 challenge?  I like all our photos for the last 2 weeks.  Though My Guy's Glamor Shot is probably the most fun of the set.  

So what's the challenge for week 28? 

That seems almost tame compared to the photo prompts from the last two weeks.   


Libby in TN said...

I am always impressed with what youall come up with! Barbie takes the cake, though.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Fun photo ideas this week! I always enjoy seeing what the three of you figure out for the challenge. But I'm curious about *how* you took your photo! Did you have to clean up a lot of confetti, lol?!

Shasta Matova said...

All of these photos are magnificent.

Bonnie said...

What fun you must be having with your photo prompts. Yes, the pic of Barbie and the paparazzi is a hoot. I'm with you on the Sushi but the colors look fabulous in all of those pictures.

Emily said...

That's a pretty glamorous Barbie! These are always so fun to see!

Jennifer said...

Mmm, I love sushi - those are great pictures, and agree, I like the glamour shot too! It’s continues to be so fun to see how you all interpret the weekly challenges.