Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Photo Challenge: Bodies of Water and Bright Colors

I've had some down time this week and a chance to catch up on blog stuff.  My Guy and the Scientist in Training have been asking me when I'm going to post our challenge photos?  I'm three weeks behind on those posts.  Normally the challenge photo post shows up on Saturday, but this is a special midweek edition to catch up a bit. This post will have photos for week 24 and 25. I'll finish catching up on Saturday with last week's photos and add in this week's photos (which no one has taken yet).  

Week 24:

Two of us came up with what I would consider "expected" images. One of us came up with a unique image. 


Kate: Lake Union, Washington

I was on the road (quite literally) that week in Washington State.  I was able to grab this photo because traffic was pretty much stopped during my attempt to traverse Seattle on my way to the airport hotel.  

My Guy also went the more expected route.

My Guy: The Caney

My Guy was out on one of his bike rides when he grabbed this shot.  It looks like winter, but to be honest until today our temps have been pretty moderate.  

The Scientist in Training went in a different direction. 

Scientist in Training: Body of  H2O

The SIT is such a chemist nerd! But what a cool idea to use the molecular formula for water to make a bit of art.  

Week 25: 

Two photos from this week take advantage of the seasonal décor.  The third was décor of another type entirely.  

Kate: The Mexican Mural

This image comes from one of our favorite mom and pop Mexican restaurants here in town, Taco Maria's. The subject matter isn't typical of the mural's we've seen in other Mexican restaurants, but I've always liked this blue bird, it certainly makes me happy.  

My Guy went with a seasonal shot. 

My Guy: Obvious

My Guy used one of his previous Christmas gifts to take this photo.  The round object is a Lensball.  He's taken some cool photos with this in the past and this one is equally cool.  

The SIT also stuck with the seasonal theme for her photograph. 

Scientist in Training: Reflected Glow

Very pretty reflective bright colors, from a slightly different perspective.  

That covers weeks 24 and 25.  Hard to pick a favorite for week 25, but Body of H2O is my favorite for week 24.  We've all got a couple of days to figure out this week's photo.  It's not an obvious subject.  


Barbara said...

All great shots as usual. I’ve seen the lens balls and wondered if they were worth it. It makes a very pretty photo. I’m going to start doing these challenges as soon as we get to some decent weather. Thanks for the inspiration.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Oh the SIT's body of water - Brilliant!!
I love watching your photos - they are all so fun!!
Happy Catching up week ;-)

Sara said...

Your photos are always interesting. I especially like the colors photos!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Fun to see your photos again! I love the SIT's "body" of water! And beautiful photos of the lights, too. The lensball sounds like an interesting tool.

Jennifer said...

Love SIT’s body of water - I think she should do an embroidery of that!