Friday, December 3, 2021

PHD in 2021: November Progress

I actually spent some time in my sewing room in November,  so I made some good progress on my PHD in 2021. 

There weren't any new finishes, but I'm close to one.  The Bonnie Hunter 2021 mystery kicked off in November, so that's added to the list. Both mysteries on my list won't finish till 2022, so they won't count towards my PHD in 2021. 

I'm not going to get anywhere close to 12 finishes this year.  I had hoped for at least 8, but work had other ideas. I readjusted my attitude in October and now I'm going to be happy with any progress in the sewing room. I did pretty well on that front in November (the week of vacation at Thanksgiving helped).  

Cabins and Fans is prepped and packaged to send out for quilting.

 I probably won't get it to the post office till tomorrow. At this point I doubt it's back in time to finish this year, but it will make a quick finish for next year.  

The last two borders for Unity are progressing a bit faster than the one for step 7. 

Not quite three quarters of the way finished with the top border.  I may get this to finished flimsy stage by the end of the year. Just depends on how much sewing time I can manage during vacation.  

The 2021 Meadow Mist Design Mystery, Macaron, is moving along.  

I was caught up till the December clue came out yesterday.  That feels really good.  

The 2021 Bonnie Hunter Mystery, Rhododendron, started in November.  

I'm only making half the blocks this year.  I did that last year and was able to mostly keep up.  I lack one more set of 4 HSTs to finish last week's clue.  Clue 2 comes out today.  Hopefully, I'll have some time to get going on that this weekend. 

Scrappy Butterflies is back on the active list since Cabins and Fans has moved off.  

I didn't make very much progress on this project in November, but I have hopes of doing more with it in December.  

A much better month for progress than October was.  I'll have more time off in December, so I have hope of making a bit more progress.  We'll see have to see how that pans out.  

Linking up with Quilting Gail for the November PHD update.  


Sara said...

I haven't begun the BH mystery this year, but have been very tempted. I have the clues printed out so far. Your colors are so pretty.

Quilting Gail said...

I like your attitude change! What really matters is that you made progress on some UFOs! They will be closer to being finished next year! :-)
Thanks for linking to PHD in 2021!