Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April NewFO

Hard to believe we are finished with April.  It's been such a cool and wet month that it really has not felt like spring.  It has been a busy month.  May looks to be even busier as Drama Teen graduates from 8th grade, so there are lots of activities going on with that and the end of the school year.  

The sewing machine has been getting a work out as I'm down to the wire on finishing up 5 quilts that need to be done by the end of May.  Number 4 of the 5 made it to the finished flimsy point and the back got pieced.  It will get sent out for quilting sometime this week.  To celebrate that milestone, I gave my self permission to start another new project.  

April's NewFO is from my original list (posted here).  Well it's sorta on the list.  I had collected a set of blue and beige fat quarters to make Debbie Maddy's Vienna Stars quilt.  

This project was supposed to have been March's NewFO, but the more I looked at the pattern the less I liked it.  But I still wanted to use those fabrics, at least the blue ones.  So I pulled out all my block books, found a block I liked in one, then found the same block in EQ.  

Playing around in EQ produced one layout in two colorways that I asked for comments on back at the first of the month (that post is here).  From reading the comments, I think the pink and brown version was more popular and that's the one Drama Teen liked, so that's the version I decided to go with. 

I was a bit concerned with how bright the pink looks in the EQ mock up, it didn't look that bright laid against all the blues.  That's the one place where EQ can really lead you astray.  It looks just fine in the first block. 

I'm paper piecing this block which definitely makes it easy to get all the points sharp and keep all the parts aligned. Just the one block got made.  It will probably be late May or June before I make another block, Calico Cats is the last one on my list that needs to get done by the end of May, so it will get priority till it's finished.  

Check out all the NewFO's posted over at Cat Patches.   


  1. That's going to be very pretty, Kate. Congratulations to DT. And on to high school! Good grief, they sure grow up fast.

  2. The blue and beige looks wonderful - it is going to be a charming quilt. Good luck getting thru May - sounds like you are going to stay very busy! ~Jeanne

  3. Your progress on all those quilts you're on a deadline with is quite inspiring Kate. April kind of flew right by me with not a lot to show for it.

    I do like the new quilt idea. Love stars and have a quilt on this years list made out of them myself !

  4. Your points are perfect .. definitely have to do some paper piecing. Hey, I might even like it.

  5. Love your switch of star pattern - going to be just lovely.

  6. Yes, I'm surprised that April is done and dusted myself!

  7. Love the switch-up on blocks - the new one is much more striking! And the pink is perfect in there :*) Congrats to your Drama Graduate!

  8. Stars are my favorite and I love this one. I think the pink looks fine.

  9. I really like your first star. I'm going to have to try paper piecing because the points are so pretty! The fabrics you've chosen is really nice.

  10. I think your star block turned out really pretty. Congrats to DT on the graduation!


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