Tuesday, April 30, 2013

15 Minute Challenge - The Real Last Tuesday

Today is the real last Tuesday of April.  I mistakenly dubbed last Tuesday's 15 Minute Challenge as the last one of the month.  I wasn't expecting this 5th Tuesday in the month.  I'm not complaining, with 5 quilts that need to be finished in May, I can use every day in April I can get!  I just need to remember to check my calender before I prematurely end the month.

April's theme for fostering creativity was "become an observer".  It's been a hard theme to write on.  That may be one reason I attempted to end April prematurely, what else was there to say about becoming an observer?  In previous posts, the focus was on all the opportunities we have as quilters to observe techniques, use of color through the printed media and the Internet.  I came across an article in Time on how to improve your powers of observation by mimicking how scientists approach the world.  They "observe" by taking field notes, writing down descriptions of what they see and drawing pictures of their observations.  The action of taking notes forces one to focus on what's important and ignore what is not.  Scientists then try to quantify those observations by measuring some type of response, basically trying to associate those observations with a number.  Then a scientist will sit back and try to analyze all those numbers, find the patterns and come up with a theory to explain them all.   

I'm not sure that all of that applies to being an observant quilter.  We all take notes, pictures from the last quilt show we attended, pins on our Pinterest site, that pattern from the last issue of Quilt Maker pinned to our bulletin board.  Do those count as "field notes"?     I guess applying numbers comes into play when you decide you want to make a block or a quilt a different size than the pattern.  Then analysis comes about by mixing a block you love from quilt A, with the setting from quilt B, and a color palette you fell in love with from quilt C.  Hmm, maybe making a quilt is a lot like running an experiment.  What do yo think?  

I've been "experimenting" a lot in my sewing room lately.  Those 5 quilts that need to be finished in May are really driving my sewing sessions.  

Another week with 7 out of the last 7 days where at least 15 minutes was spent in the sewing room.  Most days it's been quite a bit more than that.  Quilt number 4 is on it's way to be quilted today.  So just one more to finish up.  It's going to be close on that one.  

How's your sewing life going these days?  Link up and share your adventures.

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thea said...
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thea said...

I had my post ready to go, but thought I should comment on your "observations" (probably not so much on the science). I find that I do need to take notes since I forget so much .. Great week! You've been a sewing machine lately!

seabreezequilts said...

I'm doing more observing than sewing this week myself. Had a good rummage in the quilt shop yesterday getting away from the kitchen mess for a while, I'll think I'll spend my Thursday off in the sewing room though

make.share.give said...

Still no sewing at our house. Lots of playing outside after school and too much Candy Crush Saga :)

Lynne said...

Yay for seven out of seven! And you did a great job coming up with the fifth post on the topic!

Marti said...

Observation would be a hard topic to discuss 5 times. A lot of observation is obvious, like watching how other quilters do things, but a lot can be learned from artists who have never sewed a stitch, but have a great sense of color and proportion.

You had a great week and have a finished quilt to show for it. Way to go!

lesleyworth said...

Great job! 4 of 5 quilts done is fantastic! I'm working on trying to be a better "observer" but to be honest...I spend so much time at work "observing" and evaluating, that I tend to just dig my heels in to "my way" when it's time to sew!