Monday, April 22, 2013

Design Wall Monday - April 22nd

Weekends just aren't long enough, even when they are three day weekends.  Lots of stitching on Friday.  The OSU quilt back was pieced and the quilt was prepped for shipping off to be quilted.  Most of Saturday was spent at a Drama Teen's speech competition. She did really well, earning first place in the serious poetry classification.  She was thrilled, she was hoping for at least a third place finish as this year there were a number of really good competitors in her session.  

Sunday morning was spent on around the house chores and laundry.  But I was back to stitching Sunday afternoon.  The Sweet Treat quilt blocks are all sewn together and the first round of borders has been attached.  I ran out of steam after attaching the first border strip for round two.  

Sweet Treat
Designed by Judy Laquidara
(pattern available here)

Judy's pattern called for a pieced second border, but since there is a deadline for completing this project, I decided to skip the pieced border and just do a simple strip border.  I really hope to have this top finished by next weekend.  

That's it for my design wall this week.  Check out the links over at Patchwork Times for more works in progress.  


Kate said...

You're making good progress, considering you were at a competition one day! Congrats to DT!

Kevin the Quilter said...

Fun! Will this be a QOV? If not, it would be a great design for one? Thanks for the inspiration!

Paula, the quilter said...

I'm with Kevin on this, it will make a great QOV.

Chris said...

Congrats to Drama Teen. I had two in speech and debate. Many many many competitions. Love the quilt. It looks easy to make as a leader and ender one day :)

Shay said...

Good luck with your plan for the finish. This quilt is going to be so sweet when it's done. I love the vintage /antiquey vibe you have going with this one.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Love how it is turning out!!!