Sunday, April 28, 2013

Stash Report - April 28th

It's been quiet weekend for a change.  No volleyball or school stuff going on.  We've all had a chance to just hang out, which is pretty much what we've done.  It was cool and overcast yesterday, the perfect weather to just sit and sew, which is what I did.  Sweet Treats is a completed top, sorry no pictures yet.  The back for it is all cut out and just needs to be sewn together.  There was even time to start a new project.  There is a good bit to report as going out on the stash report, but my fingers pushed a few buttons last week, so it's offset by some incoming.  I just fell in love with April's Garden by DV Studios for South Sea Imports. 

It has butterflies as part of the motif, so I just couldn't resist.  No plans for these pretties just yet, but I'm sure something will come to mind.  Here's the damage to the stash report:

Used last week:  2.18 yards
Added last week:  10.5 yards

Used for 2013: 32.43 yards
Added for 2013:  79.25 yards 

Net stashed for 2013:  46.82 yards

I'll gain back a little ground back next week once I can count the fabric for the Sweet Treat back in the out column.  At least the net stashed is under 50 yards, I was in a much bigger hole last year at this time.  

That's it for my stash report.  You can check out more reports over at Patchwork Times


  1. Cute fabric, I'm always "finding" the can't cut me fabric all the time. Good luck on your stash depletion.

  2. That is gorgeous fabric. I don't blame you a bit. You'll just have to step up your sewing pace if you want to make a dent!

  3. That fabric looks nice, great gain. Can't wait to see the sweet treat finish. Jane

  4. Looking at that fabric, I understand the automatic finger pushing..

  5. Oooh Im not looking at that fabric you bought - just in case my finger slips on my keyboard and hits "add to cart" too ....

  6. That fabric is beautiful. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  7. Oohh I like your new fabric. Good choice. Can't wait to see what you come up with to use it for.

  8. Your new fabric is great - I love the richness of the colors!

  9. Ooo, how nice to have a quiet weekend -- I'm looking forward to one of those; at the end of June perhaps?


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