Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April - Year of the Finished Project

It's the first Thursday of the month, so it's time to see how well I did on getting a few projects closer to completion.  I'm linking up with Lynne over at Never Too Hot to Stitch for:  

March was a busy month with State Science Fair, a volleyball tournament, Spring Break and Easter.  My goals for the month were pretty ambitious, but you gotta dream big right?  How did I do on making my March dreams a reality?    

1.  Evening Star
  • hand stitch binding to back     3 sides done

2. The Sofa Quilt
  • add borders                           Done
  • make backing                        Done
  • ship off for quilting                Done

3.  Sweet Treats

  • Assemble blocks/sashing
  • Add borders
  • Make back
  • Ship off for quilting
4.  Calico Cats 

  • Make 13 blocks                5 blocks completed

5.  OSU Quilt

  • Make 17 blocks               Done 

Not as much progress as I had hoped, but at least 2 of the goals were completed and progress was made on two others.  I'm going to need to step up the game in April because all of these quilts need to be finished in May.  So here's what really needs to get done this month. 

 April Goals

1.  Evening Star

  • Finish binding

2.  The Sofa Quilt

  • Make binding
  • Sew binding to front
  • Hand stitch binding to back

3.  OSU Quilt

  • Add borders
  • Make backing
  • ship off for quilting

4.  Sweet Treats

  • Sew blocks and sashing together
  • Add borders
  • Make backing
  • ship off for quilting

5.  Calico Cats

  • Make 8 blocks
  • Assemble blocks and sashing
  • Add borders
  • Make backing
  • Ship off for quilting

That's a pretty long and ambitious list.  I'm going to have to do a lot more than just 15 minutes a night to get all of this done if I plan to sleep any this month.  The only events I know of are two volleyball tournaments, but they are Saturday only events, I should still get some sewing time in on Sundays this month.  

Wish me luck and check back next month to see how it all went. Today hop over to Never Too Hot to Stitch to check in on how March went for everyone else.    


Lynne said...

Good luck with your April goals -- you may need more than 15 minutes a day in the sewing room to get it all done!

Marti said...

Those are some ambitious projects, but seeing how much you accomplish each month, I think you'll get them done.

Carrie P. said...

good luck in reaching those goals and have fun!

Chris said...

With everything you had going on, you made great progress in March. Good luck with April too :)

Shay said...

Best of luck with all your goals Kate.

I think you did a great job for March !

scraphappy said...

Looks like you are making good progress. Some months are busier than other, hopefully there will be so home time in April.

thea said...

I think you did well. You did a great job of keeping up with most goals and setting new ones. Nice plans for this month.

FarmNana said...

And what a really "tasty" collection of quilts to work on! They're all a treat for the eyes. Good luck with your goal!