Saturday, March 4, 2023

Week 61 Photo Challenge: Hair

The challenge card for last week was a pretty easy to find subject.

The hardest part of this photo challenge for My Guy and I was to figure out how to get good picture of our own hair. Why we didn't photograph each other's, I'm not sure.  It certainly led to some interesting ways to hold a camera and take a shot.  

Kate: Does She or Doesn't She?

It wasn't easy to take a photo using the mirror and avoid getting my hand in the shot too. I had to use my left hand to hold the camera. I'm right handed. That this photo was mostly in focus is a miracle. My photo reminded me of a very successful ad campaign. Do you remember those commercials and magazine ads? 

I'm not sure how My Guy got his shot, he didn't use a mirror. I'm positive he doesn't have eyes in the back of his head contrary to what Grad Girl believed when she was little. 

My Guy: Ponytail

My Guy chose to photograph what he commonly calls his Covid curls.  When not contained in a ponytail, his hair is quite curly and wavy. He does have really pretty hair.  I'm not sure how he got the camera back there to get this shot.  I'll have to have him show me, he had to have used his left hand. Like me he's right handed.  He did say that it wasn't an easy photo to get. 

This isn't the photo that Grad Girl sent me last night as her submission for this week. I'm using (abusing?) my power as the author of this blog to post a photo she sent me earlier this week that I think is much cuter.  

Grad Girl: Cute, but Angry Hairball

Queenie is never happy to see Grad Girl getting ready to leave for school and work. I don't know if she thinks that sitting on her shirt will make her stay home or not.  At any rate she's still a cutie even if she's complaining (which per Grad Girl's comment she was being very vocal about something at that moment).  

This week's challenge should be interesting. There are several interpretations you could go with. 

I have some thoughts, I'm sure My Guy does as well.  Should be another interesting week on the photography front.  


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I do remember those "does she or doesn't she?" commercials! I like the lighting in your photo. That's funny that Grad Girl's kitty gets mad when she's getting ready to leave the house, too!

Barbara said...

Very fun interpretations. I like the one you did.

Preeti said...

I am so glad it is not a picture of the shower drain. Because nothing is more hairy than that and I am sure that sooner or later all my hair will end up there. I have not touched my sewing machine in a week. Hope I can fix that soon. Too much going on. Yikes!!!

Linda said...

Lol on "does she or doesn't she"! Brought back memories. You and your Guy both have very pretty hair! Love the hairball photo.

Jennifer said...

Fun challenge this week, I think you win for most interesting shot!