Saturday, March 11, 2023

Week 62 Photo Challenge: Refections

The challenge card for this week could be interpreted many different ways. 

It certainly produced some interesting photos from the three of us. 

Kate: Celestial Reflections

Moonlight or Sunlight?  To capture the reflections on the water of either of these celestial bodies requires pushing the camera to the extreme. Either slow shutter speed, large aperture or faster shutter speed with a small aperture.  Either way, I had to play with the settings a lot to get an image that was in focus and properly exposed.  

My Guy has cool reflections from nature, but he went with a more upscale subject for his image.  

My Guy: Reflections and Refractions

These I love the gold and red in these glasses.  My Guy captured not only his own reflection, but reflections of other items in the china cabinet and some cool refractions as well. It's definitely an unexpected image.  He has such cool ideas for his photos.  

Grad Girl's photo this week has a bit of a creepy vibe. 

Grad Girl: Alien Lab?

My first response was, wow it looks like an alien lab from one of those sci-fi pictures.  The way the top of the apparatus merges with Grad Girl's head gave me the impression of an alien life form (That statement is probably not going to go over well with Grad Girl, but she knows her mom is a bit out there sometimes. Hopefully, she'll forgive me.)  At any rate, I think it's a cool photo.  

This week's challenge seems pretty straight forward. 

It should be fun to see what mischief we get into trying to get images for this card.  


Libby in TN said...

All three winners.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Those are interesting and fun photos! Each one made me want to go back and look some more because there are lots of details you don't notice at first glance. Grad Girl's made me laugh! (We probably watch too many SciFi shows at our house!)

The Joyful Quilter said...

Your family photo challenge has produced so many amazing images, Kate. This set is more proof that you three are incredibly creative photographers!

Marti said...

Cool pictures! It took me a while to put your photo into perspective. I love pictures that look like one thing and then another, depending on how you look at it.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Super Great Photos!!!

Linda said...

Great captures by all of you, but your Guy's gets my nod this week! :D Is that a wine glass? It's gorgeous.

Jennifer said...

Three great photos again, so fun to see what you all come up with!