Sunday, September 17, 2017

Stash Stuff for Week 37 of 2017

It's been a slow weekend in the sewing room.  More fabric cutting than fabric sewing.  Though a bit of that has happened this week.  I did my part to support the local quilt shop.  These fun fabrics somehow jumped on the cutting table and came home with me. 

These are just half yard cuts for my rainbow scrap stash.  I don't have much pink, plus I'll need red violet fabrics for my last round of fan blocks for this year's Rainbow Scrap Challenge project.  The yardage has dutifully been added to my spreadsheet.  Wish I could have made as much go out of the stash, but this week's outgoing numbers are a little anemic. 

Fabric used this week:  0.45 yards
Fabric used year to date:  47.17 yards

Actually, this is more than went out last week.  So it's not been a bad week for stitching.  I found sewing room time 7 out of the last 7 days.  My average for the year is a 89.6%.  I'm hoping to get back to the 90's before the end of the year.  Even if I don't get my average up, this is still way better than I did last year.  

Linking up with Quiltpaintcreate for this week's stash report.    


  1. I supported my local quilt shop this week too. Kind of expensive :)

  2. Love that dark purple on the left!

  3. Oooooh pretty fabrics! I was pretty serious about using my stash last year, but this year not so much. I need to get back to that!

  4. Makes me grin that we add to our rainbow 'scrap' stash. LOL note I said 'we'...


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