Saturday, September 2, 2017

Managing the UFO List: What Happened to August?

The first day of September was outrageously busy.  Work was an absolute zoo, the new position is still a bit overwhelming.  I'm hoping it gets better in the next month once I can hand off all my previous responsibilities.  The Scientist in Training (formerly known as Drama Teen) is home for the holiday weekend.  So we've got lots of family time planned till she has to go back on Monday.  Probably not a lot of stitching is going to happen, except maybe some slow stitching here and there.  

August was not a great month for stitching.  A couple of the weekends were taken up with college prep and the eclipse trip.  The focus for the month was getting Scrappy Coffee Cups to the finished flimsy stage, which was my August One Monthly Goal.  Getting it finished did get it off the UFO list, it had been the newest addition to the UFO list.  The oldest UFO, Red, White, and Blue Stars is the oldest on the list and was the UFO-2017 project for August. 

I didn't expect to get any stitching done on these blocks, too much weekend stuff going on.  But I had never really decided on a final setting for these blocks, so it was hard to know how many I needed to make.  So the goal for August was to figure out a final setting plan.  After playing around with alternate blocks and background colors, I think this is close. 

The alternate star blocks need to be adjusted a bit so the star points match up with the other stars. But this layout is pretty close to done. Hopefully, I've got enough of the blue background to make it this way.  Worst case, I'll drop off the last two rows and make a square quilt.  Not sure when I'll get back to this project, but at least now it has a solid plan to move forward with.  

The September UFO project is number 4, which on my 2017 quilt plan was Blooms and Butterflies which I had substituted for number 7, last years Rainbow Scrap Challenge project, Vintage Dresses. 
Vintage Dresses
Charise Randell

So based on my convoluted substituting I've done this year, this will be September's UFO project.  There is a setting plan drafted for these blocks.  So there's a good chance progress will get made on this project in September.  My goal with the UFO-2017 projects is to make some progress on each project on the list.  They don't have to get done.  Any progress now, means a project will be that much farther along when I next pull them out.  Not ideal, but slow progress is better than no progress.  

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You are working steady on all these projects and that is great--and yes--if DT is home--it is fun time---
Love all those dresses==you did a really wonderful job in stitching them--was trying to figure out which one was my favorite==and decided it really was a hard job--probably would still be the blue one you had in the header--but there is alot of close seconds--
enjoy the week end--enjoy the moments, di

The Joyful Quilter said...

Awesome project swap!! I've been waiting to see how you will turn these dresses into a Life of the Party quilt. Wishing you UFO success!!

AnnieO said...

Progress that comes in fits and starts is still one more step forward. Love the chain blocks for the RWB quilt. Those dresses are so cute and deserve the month of attention!

Katie Z. said...

Ooh, la, la! I love your RWB plans. Your dressare are so lovely, it will be exciting to see what you can manage this month.

I feel like I lost a few weeks; where did the rest of the month go? I've forgotten all my month end/month beginning posts!

Sandra Walker said...

There's my fave RSC project, those vintage dresses! Every time I see one or here the entire flimsy, I'm zapped back into the past (hmm, seems to be a past/future theme in my comments on the posts I"m reading this am) playing Barbies with my sister. Ahhh. Man you get a lot done with all the rest of your IRL stuff!

Jennifer said...

Those are some great blocks - both sets! Glad you have a plan for the August project and look forward to seeing how you finish the dresses - they are fabulous!

Laura said...

That's how I work...slow and steady. The day job, and life, in general, do have to factor in. But any progress is moving forward, so...yay! Love the star ufo project, and the vintage dresses, too!

ly heng said...

I love the blog post, and you helped me make such a fun card with it!