Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Works in Progress - Progress???

I feel like it should be Friday not Wednesday.  It's been a busy week.  Drama Teen added Chemistry Olympiad training to her already busy schedule.  So Monday she had both that and volleyball.  Yesterday was physical therapy and then back to school for the presentation on enrollment requirements and procedures for next year (She'll be a junior next year.  When did that happen?)  Tonight it was grocery shopping and then church.  No wonder I feel like it should be the end of the week.  

Last week I counted six projects that are getting regular turns at the sewing machine each week.  There's been a bit of progress on all the projects, but the progress is more visible in some than others.  I finished cutting all the pieces for block 7 of the Chocolate Marshmallow blocks. 

I need to finish sewing all the parts together, but that should happen in the next day or two.  Then I'll only be three blocks behind on this project.  

I also made a start on the last Inverted Star block.  

I like the red-violet fabrics I've got up on the wall so far.  This is going to be one bright block when it's all done.  

Progress with the other four projects isn't very photo worthy at the moment, so that's it for  my WIP progress for this week.  

I'm linking up with Lee over at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday and with Kelly of My Quilt Infatuation for Needle and Thread Thursday.  Check out all the fun projects linked up to each blog.  


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love that first block!! Pretty fabrics and pretty colors - the star pattern is highlighted brilliantly with them.

Stephanie said...

Love the pink + brown colour combo!

Claire said...

I love pink and brown quilts--i have one in the works. May even have the same brown with pink flower fabric. My schedule got so much better when my daughter was able to drive. claire aka knitnkwilt

Lynne said...

That is going to be one bright, beautiful block. Love your chocolate marshmallow block too.

MartiDIY said...

Just the word Chemistry makes a cold chill come over me. I don't know what a Chemistry Olympiad is but it sounds tough.

I love your chocolate marshmallow blocks, great colors.

Katie Z. said...

I agree that it's been a crazy week. Drama a teen is going to be a junior? Ah! That was the year of endless homework, if I remember correctly.

Your blocks are lovely!

Anonymous said...

Wow Kate, you are always making such lovely quilts. The kids grow up so fast, it is amazing how that happens.

seabreezequilts said...

Great Block there. Love your fabrics.